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9 11 2009

Welcome to Dr Quantum’s Blog.  My great interest is in sustainability and sustainable development and I enjoy washing that against a Complexity View – Chaos, Living Systems and Quantum Theory. Why?

The standard answer is because this sustainability thing is vital to our future and that humankind is threatened as at no time in our history, and we are in danger of wiping ourselves out etc & so forth. Yep it’s all true.

The fear and loathing scenario is necessary to help those few remaining deeply unconscious entities among us (you may even know some of these people yourself) who are blithely rabbiting along through life’s thoroughfares as if it’s all just hunky dory here on planet Earth. What we call in Australia the “She’ll be right mate” philosophy. I am continually infuriated when I see these nitwits leading long and happy lives with nary a hint of a disaster overtaking them.

Fear and loathing is what we so often use to sell the sustainability model. And so we often get obsessively focused on very earnest schematics showing the ice-melt in Greenland and the increase in desert lands in a particular region. Once again all true and correct. And sure, it would be nice to think that we human beings could be brilliant enough to avoid extinguishing most if not all of our species in the near future, not to mention any number of other species.  

But i really don’t think that’s what gets me so juiced about the subject of sustainability. I think the real reason that I love the subject is that at the root and heart of the matter it’s really about what works and that is something I am very interested in. That’s something we can all get very interested in.

In terms of standard Chaos modeling the world of positive possibility that is opening up for us at this time on Earth is a truly momentous one. It is known as The Butterfly Effect. I believe that after all the turn of the century and new millennium rhetoric, that actually, we really do stand poised on the brink of a new era. The solutions to our deepest problems also point towards our greatest opportunities. We can choose to be overwhelmed, deluged and damaged with the greatest tsunami of change to hit the planet in recorded history or we can ride the big one in and jump for joy while we’re doing it. The choice as ever is with each of us. And if you think that sounds too good to be true, i would suggest that au contraire, it’s good enough to be true.

So welcome to my blog. each of these pieces aspires to both entertain and offer some positive motivation and understanding of change dynamics and the need for same. You can just scroll down to find my pieces. And to make life easy for you here is a brief snapshot below. You can just link from each of these titled introductions below if you want.

Quiz Your Friends – Freak Them Out And be Amazed Designed to disturb climate change sceptics. Following the Complexity Science maxim – you cannot direct you can only disturb

Shocking News – What Darwin Got up to Naked “the real shocking truth about Darwin was that he liked jogging nude on the high street at dawn”

For those Who Would like to Blog. Blogging has to be one of the single greatest inventions of the human species bar none. To make it easier for the whole planet to get started I have written this 101 beginners guide.

Expanded Earthships: Roundhouses are not Box Houses. A brief history of the straightening of time, the ascendancy of man over women & nature and what a crazy architect from Taos, New Mexico is doing about it. Earthships are beautiful emergent chaotic transforms in the global domain moving to a tipping point

I Like John Perkins – Economist, Author and Shamanistic Healer. Perkins wrote Confessions of an Economic Hitman in the late ’90s- the classic tell all story about Uncle Sam’s global domination agenda. He has anew book out about the Global financial Crisis

Poison on Our Food BUT it’s Profitable. The diabolical dilemma of food poisoning to keep the bugs off. Agribusiness is feeding us and making us sick at the same time. Are Woolies and Coles partly to blame? We want the truth!

Earthships Dreaming: Confessions of a Techno-Yurt Wannabe. I don’t want to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. Honestly, i just want to build a new ship. Along the way homelessness needs to be addressed. We are leaving too many people out in the cold and it doesn’t need to be this way.



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