Shocking News – What Darwin Got up to . . . Naked!!!

10 11 2009

I wish I could say that the real shocking truth about Darwin was that he liked jogging nude on the high street at dawn. The fact is that it seems Darwin was every bit a straight-laced fellow for whom such behaviour would have been seen as distinctly uncivilized. Darwin was by all accounts an upright Victorian era gentleman.

The real shocking truth about Darwin is how his major theory has been misinterpreted and to compound the error widely misrepresented. It is this compound error that has been repeated ad nauseum ever since; in social, political and economic discourse . This to justify a multitude of sins masquerading as high moral dudgeon. Well it’s just not on.

Now be warned. Having set the record straight on Darwin, Dr Quantum will take off for the other side of the universe commencing with a dramatic triple somersault with inverted pike and trapezoid sideways roll. Meaning what exactly? Meaning dear reader, we will zoom past Darwin standing straight-laced with sober-serious look on face, his overall visage quaintly sepia tinted as befits a ghost of the Victorian era. Yep, Dr Quantum is going hyperdimensional on yer ass. At which point the quaint Dr Quant, floating in the zero gravity of the illumined void (bring up the ethereal music) will have a brief word with God. And for all you white Southern Baptists, just so you know – she’s black and she’s pissed.

And now a quiet word to all you well-behaved scientific squares in the audience. Love your work – eat my shorts. Look . . .i really don’t mean to be rude but enough already! And here’s the thing. I understand that the world needs scientific squares. You my dear friends are just like a massive square counterbalance on the great chaotic madness of the human enterprise. You have valiantly, nay superhumanly, nay heroically . . .ah yes HEROICALLY kept the swirling, rabid, delusional, selfish masses from destroying themselves and all of us. They would have done this with messy, inaccurate, unclear, sloppy and overly imaginative ideas that just sort of fester with mystical wrongness, ness, ness, ness (one must come to a halt eventually with these things). Yes I understand Throgmorton, and you can have your test tube back in the morning. But for now . . .let the magical mystery tour begin.

First of all, what Darwin did NOT say. Contrary to popular and misguided opinion Darwin did NOT assert that the way for us humans to evolve is to metaphorically and literally be like wild animals and tear each other limb from limb in our efforts to succeed. This wrong-headed notion has persisted largely because of the myth of “the survival of the fittest.” fittest yes, but fit for what? And test tubethat is the earth shattering question.

Darwin did NOT say the evolutionary prize will go to the fastest or the strongest or the biggest or the meanest. Think dinosaurs. They were big. Huge in fact. And some of them were very mean. Quite a few modern era businesses have done their best to emulate the likes of T-Rex for example. These businesses got big and nasty and some of them became extinct, just like T-Rex. Those big nasty businesses that still exist are working on it believe me. So fancy that.  

You see Darwin did NOT say that it’s the fastest and the strongest etc who win the right to reproduce. Then just what did he say? What Darwin said is that the evolutionary prize goes to those most capable of responding to CHANGE. Ta da! That’s actually what he said. So the next time some business leader or social theorist tries to convince you that the reason we need to behave in business like the wild animals of the jungle – it’s a jungle out there – and tear each other apart every chance we get because Darwin said so . . .you can shake your fist at the TV and tell him he’s got it wrong.

Well OK then that’s settled right?!  . . .Hhuh.

When we refer to the fittest, in strictly Darwinian terms fitness must be measured in the context of what are known as fitness landscapes. In other words fitness is contextual. What is fit in one scenario might not be fit in another. Take human beings for example. According to the great god of SCIENCE we have evolved right here on earth without the intervention of a God and without help from beings from other galaxies or star systems. We evolved in a straight line form hairy apes to homo sapiens the super species. Something to do with opposable thumbs and the ability to read the paper while sitting on the loo. And hey presto here we are! Incredible isn’t it?

This bigger brained super species – homo sapiens – human was just so bloody clever that he (gender specific here as MANkind) was generally able to lord it over all the animals (and plants) with such dominant superiority that he has populated in great and far-reaching abundance. Interestingly our big brains have also given us the ability to create weapons of mass destruction that enable us to destroy ourselves entirely in an orgy of sophisticated destruction. Within our current reality is also the very real possibility that we can poison, pollute and exploit ourselves into a state of bio-systems support free fall. An event in which most if not all of us get wiped out. Same shit different day as the nuclear holocaust.

Then there’s the third possibility that we actually survive and discover the new skill of thrival. Now then, in Darwinian terms, what response to change do we have to make in order to continue to prosper and EVOLVE as a species? Today there are vastly new conditions that did not exist even one hundred years ago. We live in a world where rapid global communication is not just a possibility but a fact of life. We also live in a world where the means to produce the food and the technology for all the billions of us to live in relative peace, prosperity and self-fulfilment is very much a possibility. It is all very do-able.

It would seem that right now humans are faced with an altogether new set of challenges. It’s interesting to observe that one of the faculties that human beings possess that makes us certainly different is our ability ot engage in abstract thought and idealism. Interesting also to observe is that one area where with abstract faculty has undeniable application and relevance is in the area of what might be termed our spiritual selves – the spiritual side of humankind. And yes, some scientists and many humans are fond of decrying the spiritual side as delusional nonsense. In order to do this they point rather dramatically to the damage that has been done in the name of religion. We must indeed take these claims seriously for the damage has and continues to be quite spectacular.

Dr Quantum would suggest that in order to make the best of our perilous situation, perhaps it is time for a review of the facts in order to distill the essence and aim for truth and accuracy rather than a distorted bias born of ego. Think about it for a moment with all preconceptions disabled, if indeed you can.

Firstly the whole idea of a God is infused in our belief system with the notion of a superior being. The ego of (a) man would get upset with such a being wouldn’t it? If we can’t stand it when the people up the street get a better car than us, then how exactly do you think the idea of God might fare in the ego’s death ray? Crikey! And please note: I am not here saying that God exists. I am simply suggesting that your ego probably doesn’t like the idea a great deal – whether God exists or not. Comprendez vous?

Secondly if God does exist as a being of infinite love somewhere – and the most truthful thing we can say at this point is that there is no proof one way or another – if God does exist as a being of love, then how is it that we are in the perilous condition that we are in??? And why doesn’t God just step in and wave his/her magic wand and BINGO! It’s all over in a flash – right? It’s a very good question actually.

Dr Quantum’s answer to this would go something like this: Human beings through the agency of free-will created a reality where it was capable of appearing as if God does not exist. In other words the universe we appear to be living in. For IF God did exist, being a consciousness of infinite love and all, then God would not prohibit individuals in his her “kingdom” which is by definition everywhere, from NOT believing and being connected to him/her. This puts God in stark contrast to all the mad dictators throughout history who seem to have a very low tolerance factor for opposition and non-support. Dr Quantum suggests that this is one clear indication that IF God does exist then he/she is as cool as a cucumber and not at all crazy. Comprendez vous?

Thirdly the qualities that human beings NOW require in order to NOW survive  on this planet of six billion and counting with all our challenges would in the first place NOT be the qualities of religious and other forms of intolerance. In other words being willing to kill, maim, injure and torture in the passionate belief that your version of the absolute truth is the RIGHT version is no indication that God does not exist. If you really think God wants you to kill, maim and injure innocent people in God’s name then it seems you may have God pegged as some kind of deranged lunatic. No such behaviour is simply an indicator of how deranged some people can become in defence of their own self-righteous assertion that they are RIGHT. Sad but there you have it. What have YOU been right about lately?

Dr Quantum suggests that the qualities that human beings would need to discover, remember, celebrate, create, recreate, cherish honour and live in order to respond to the current set of changes and challenges might look something like this.

The ability to cooperate.

The ability to listen (really listen) to others without preconception or judgement

The ability to live life from possibility instead of from expectation

The ability and willingness to do to others what we would have others do to us


The ability and willingness to Love one another

The ability and willingness to place the living ideal of these truths as our highest aspiration.

Given the vast inadequacies of language to convey such abstract ideas it is just possible that this last one – the ability and willingness to place the living ideal of these truths as our highest aspiration – might sound suspiciously like Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and all thy soul. Admittedly the language in that last version is sounding a bit mediaeval. That’s possibly what makes the bible like an exhausted gold mine – hard to dig.

In Quantum Theory there is one serious physicist who suggests that it is entirely possible that the claims that beings from another Star system – namely the Pleiades – are actually us in the future communicating with us in the past/present are correct. Note: It’s possible that such claims are correct. Dr Quantum is not saying these claims ARE true.  Apparently this is quite possible through an understanding of hyperdimensionality, something that admittedly I am not scrubbed up on. But apparently such a thing is entirely possible given what is now known about physics. It’s theoretically possible. It COULD be true.

If it is possible that beings from another star system are us in the future communicating with us in the past/present via multidimensional connections, then the same claim could be made for the idea that God does exist and that he/she is us in the noTime-Space/future communicating with us in the time-space/present.

What Dr Quantum finds most interesting however – call me crazy if you like – is that the qualities that we now require to respond to the changes and challenges now confronting us, these qualities would seem to fit the equation should a God of Love actually exist.

The Buddhists – bless them – have found a great way out of this conundrum. They just act AS IF God did exist without banging on about who he/she/it actually is. You know God is actually George Smith and lives on mushroom number nine. A possibility that we must not entirely dismiss however strange it may seem.  Believe me you will probably meet someone tomorrow who tries to tell you his very thing.  No . . .the Buddhists just keep well out of name address and telephone type details of the almighty. I suspect they have discovered it is safer this way.  

But as a wise being once said: The New Age is not the old age dressed up in drag. Cheeky!! Dr Quantum to beam up.




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