Quiz Your Friends – Freak them out and be Amazed

12 11 2009

Here’s one designed to disturb climate change sceptics. Remember these are people who want to believe that nothing’s going to change, that everything will stay the same because they feel more comfortable, presumably, with their heads in the sand.

The list of cities below were at one time the major centres of wealth or population, and in most cases both. But where are they now? And that’s the whole point. As you run this quiz by your friends drive home the point. With this fun little quiz you will show people just how much things CAN change. Despite our small assumptions that the way things are is how they will remain, the fact is things have never stayed the same and they never will. Yes in the near future coastal cities around the world could be flooded by 100 feet of ice melt. Stuff like this has happened before. Stuff like this can happen again.

So try this quiz with 10 of your friends and ask them to do the same with ten of their friends. Here’s the link https://quantumkool.wordpress.com/2009/11/12/quiz-your-friends-freak-them-out-and-be-amazed/ This follows one of the greatest maxims of Complexity science: YOU CANNOT DIRECT YOU CAN ONLY DISTURB.

Where were the following FORMER world centres of population and wealth located?

  • Ctesiphon
  • Akkad
  • Lagash
  • Merv
  • Fez
  • Changan

Answers BELOW.

So try today’s quiz and tomorrow I will give you another short quiz to amaze and disturb your friends. Please Note: Dr Quantum will NOT be solely writing quizzes folks. I am on a MAD MISSION to increase my readership dramatically over the coming months. This is ON TRACK to creating thousands of EcoVillages all over the world. So I am asking you to lend a hand and I want you to have fun doing it. Yes we will use quantum science to achieve the goal. There are critical and important ideas to be spread far and wide on the planet at the moment and quantum bees make quantum honey buzz, buzz, buzz.

Quiz Answers:

Ctesiphon in Persia (modern day Iran) was the largest poulation centre in AD 340. Captured by the Arabs its stones were taken to a small village called Baghdad

Akkad (pre-Christian) was the centre of an empire in Ancient Iraq (Mesopotamia)  

Lagash (pre-Christian) one of the most important  capitals of Ancient Sumer located between the rivers Tigris & the Euphrates

Merv the largest city in the world in 1145AD was a major oasis city on the Silk Road, located in Turkmenistan (Central Asia)

Fez was the largest city in the world in 1170AD located in Northern Morocco

Changan was the richest city in the world famous for silk – located in China of the T’ang dynasty627-650AD

Darwin without his undies went well but as a blog was just too long i am told. And remember you cannot direct you can only disturb. Apparently disturbance is part of the formula for absolute freedom. Time to freak out the straights.



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12 11 2009
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[…] Quiz Your Friends – Freak Them Out And be Amazed – Designed to disturb climate change sceptics. Following the Complexity Science maxim – you cannot direct you can only disturb […]

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