Science ‘n Tech Quiz – Especially for Kids – Unbelievable!!!

15 11 2009

Question: Which of the following 13 major technological or scientific developments of the 19th & 20th Century were a) at first derided as being impossible and/or fraudulent by the scietific experts of their day AND b) Brought into exististence either by amateurs or from professionals outside of the field in which they arose???

  • Television – Baird
  • Radio – Marconi Tesla
  • Powered flight – Wright Brothers
  • Electic light – Edison
  • Recorded Sound – Edison
  • Telephone – Bell
  • Turbine – Tesla
  • Automobile – Carl Benz
  • Cinema moving picture – Lumiere
  • Celluloid photographic film – Eastman
  • Jet Engine – Whitle
  • Photocopier – Carlson
  • Discovery of DNA – Watson & Crick
  • Evolution – Darwin

See Answer below

It is interesting to note that the technologies are relatively easy to demonstrate. People can actually see them working. Now when you see the answer to the quiz below – bear this additional fact in mind – the greatest scientific breakthroughs of the last 100 years are Relativity, Quantum Theory and Chaos Theory. These breakthroughs are DIFFICULT TO CONCEPTUALIZE AND HARD TO DEMONSTRATE. many of the problems of the world that we face right now and in the future require new ways of thinking.  Exactly the kind of ideas contained in Relativity, Quantum Theory and Chaos Theory. Incredibly these ideas are now 100 years old (Relativity and Quantum) and 50 years old (Chaos). But the world view of most people has barely changed in that time. It is now a matter of the gratest urgency – we need as many people as possible to more deeply understand the implications of what might be called the New Science of Complexity. We cannot afford to simply continue to rearrange the deckchairs on the Titanic as the saying goes. We need to build a new ship. New ideas are at the core. This is where the process must begin. The ease-filled process of self organisation can then work wonders to allow these new social structures and movements to emerge into being.  Please ask as many of your friends as possible to take the quiz.

The answer to the quiz ALL OF THEM – as if you didn’t already know and haven’t allready guessed – unbelievable!!!




2 responses

16 11 2009

Nice work Dr. Quantum however I feel that simply because these 12 things were initially derided as impossible that all things we deride as such will one day be common place. I wonder how many thousands of other derided ideas failed, indeed how many dreided thoughts or inventions were required to create the 12 breakthroughs you mention?

The key will be when somebody works out how to incorporate Quantum theory into every day life. Can it make my bank wipe out my mortgage?

16 11 2009

Dr Quantum’s Response: Well it may not make your bank wipe out your mortgage, but if the global Titanic hits the iceberg of Catastrophic Change then that could actually wipe out your bank.

The question you have asked is generated from within the paradigm in which you both construct and experience reality. Therefore of neccessity it is self referential and as per normal tells us about the person who asked the question rather than comment in any deep or meaningful way about the nature of reality. Please do not be offended by this comment as this situation is indeed entirely normal.

Dr Quantum would suggest that this closed-loop production of the endless stream of creative generation within your particular universe is the inevitable and seemingly concrete playground for people (self-conscious entities) within the living conscious holographic multi-verse AKA The Mind of God/Goddess all-that-is. This is meant to be a beautiful thang.

Those who desire a particular agenda, which is pretty much all of us, have this beautiful “Rolls Royce” of creative illusion generation at our disposal. The classic model for such closed loop production systems on the organic level is the living cell. This can be applied both literally and metaphorically to understand much about how the illusory reality that most people count as THE reality, works.

The function of post-modernism within our recent history (and the post-modern experience as the ongoing adventure that billions of people in incarnation on the planet are yet to experience) is to de-construct and in fact to destory the powerful illusory energy represented by what is known as the Modernist project. This Modernist Project is very glamourous and holds powerful sway over the minds of those in its thrall.

The high point of the Modernist project can be viewed in the dark negative form as the Nuremburg rallies of Hitler’s Germany. The positive polarity is the 1950’s version of the American dream. Both have been demonstrated to be spectacular failures. Understanding WHY they are such profoundly spectacular failures will lead to both a sense of liberation (beatniks, hippies, transcendentalists) and the profound malaise and disenchantment that many sensitive souls/critics have reported these past 100 years or so. (existentialists, artists, poets)

The authoritarian-narcissistic modernist egoic consciousness (contemporary masculine mass-consciousness) will seek to attack the persona of these critics because they threaten psychological stability. This is all completely normal. Thus wishing to remain in the comfort zone when such individuals encounter the disturbing and deeper truth they will inevitably experience a high level of what psychologists refer to as Cognitive Dissonance. This is a very uncomfortable psychological state and the result is a profound distortion of reality.

The sufferer must either adjust his position or change the evidence to get back into the comfort zone. This Congnitive Dissonance effect has been shown to produce steady-state hallucinations of epic proportions regarding the nature of reality based on recourse to functions such as selective perception, denial of reality and active bias. (see my next blog based on research into this phenomenon)

The sensitives/critics can be viewed as the proverbial canary down the coalmine. These sensitive canaries serve to provide a warning within the general social and cultural discourse that something is wrong with the set and needs to be reviewed, reconsidered, fixed, changed and transformed. They provide the opportunity for the pro-active hallucinators in the thrall of Modernsim to destroy the false edifice and continue the adventure of evolution.

For many it is now time to make the jump to hyper-space. Please fasten your safety-belt and enjoy the journey. Drinks will be served when we have reached the hyperdimesnion of non-linear possibility.

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