Dr Quantum’s New Book The Quantum Detective and the Mysterious Case of the Felafel of Infinite Possibility

18 11 2009

The Quantum Detective liked challanges. He reasoned that finding cosmic needles in quantum haystacks is one thing that human beings are capable of. He was after all . . . a Quantum Detective, and after all, the Quantum Detective knew that his job was to be available to that which presents from the void. To be technically correct The Quantum D has long known that it is the void of the zero point, however this is a distinction that would be meaningless to 99.999% of people.  Theoretically and in fact this allows for infinite possibility because it accesses the universal quantum hologram which makes all times and all places available in the moment of the sacred NOW. You just need the right plug-in. Yes he was/is after all a . . .Quantum Detective. His role was/is to allow such communications to self-organize into the coordinates of the here and now. Then it happened.




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