The Mad Monk’s New Clear Daze

5 12 2009

The Page 9 headline said it clearly enough Coalition’s Nuclear Play to Inflate Power Bills. (SMH 4/12/09)

Obviously the Mad Monk AKA Tony Abbott – the new Liberal Party leader – earned his nick-name for a reason. What do you think?

“In a dramatic departure from policy, the Opposition Leader Tony Abbot has abandoned support for any market-based mechanism, such as an ETS or a carbon tax, as part of the Coalition’s greenhouse strategy. The Coalition will release a policy claiming that . . .blah, blah, blah, blah,blah  . . .will help it meet it’s target of a 5 percent reducation by 2020. It is also openly advocating nuclear power as a key to the Coalition’s greenhouse strategy”

Oh kayyyyy. Note: clearly advocating nuclear power. This is Australia remember. Ohhhhhh. (the head is waggling and a vague, silly, cretinous look is dancing on face) Forget about wind, wave, solar power or the power of clear headed thinking. The Libs are going nuclear. Very reassuring . . . .NOT!

Dr Quantum feels it only appropriate at this point if we could offer the Mad Monk the same advice you would give to someone in the blast zone of a nulcear bomb. Assume the crouching position. Put your head between your legs. Kiss your arse goodbye.  And perhaps you could ask Malcolm to come back in before you leave?



3 responses

5 12 2009

Nicely put Dr. Q.
As depressing as Tony’s views are (and the consciousness he represents), i somehow trust that there may be a sparkle of silver lining around the clouds yet. I truly hope the Australian public will absolutely not tolerate Nuclear power. That’s for sure. I do see those in line with Tony Abbot and his ultra pleasant, reasonable, and justified conservatism to be a dying breed.
Wake up or get out of the way.

5 12 2009

Nicely put Dr. Q although the Mad Monk did save us all from what seemed to be a carousel of taxes that probably would produce votes rather than clean air.

7 12 2009
Susan Marr

nice one 🙂
Give Tony all the rope he needs to hang himself

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