The Revolution is Now Being Televised

12 02 2011

Gil Scott Heron’s frequently referenced polemic against white middle-class ’70s USA titled: The Revolution Will Not be Televised . . .has some great verses. Ironically the title is frequently referenced – it gets a lot of airplay – because it plugs and plays so well with the very short data byte. Very few people actually know the lyrics. Just so you can say you read the lyrics here first (at least first for a very long time) It starts like this .

You will Not be able to stay home brother / You will not be able to plug in, turn on and cop out / You will not be able to lose yourslef on scag and skip / Skip out for beer during commercials / Because the revolution will not be televised

Well . . .apparently the Revolution will have to be televised, absolutely MUST be televised if we are going to have a revolution.  Now that just about anyone – including the very young – has the ability to photograph and even video-record anything they want on their mobile phones . . .and then upload it to You Tube – among a host of other “mass” / social media. You can’t stop the revolution being televised it would seem.

Laptop Lightning

Hosni Mubarak did actually try to STOP the Egyptian revolution from being televised. The dying regime sent out goon squads to rough up anyone that looked like a foreign press agent and tried to punish, (beat,confiscate, destroy) anyone with a recording device. That seemed to work well.  If there is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come, apparently the new Chinese revolution’s time hasn’t come yet. Rest assured it will indeed come.

But there are many who believe that these kinds of revolutions are NOT the REAL revolutions. They tell us to watch the new Zietgiest movie. Wherein it is written, that the world is being manipulated by dark forces (the faceless people who own the Federal Reserve) and shadowy figures operating behind the scenes who keep the people of the world in economic, material and spiritual slavery.  They say that the REAL revolution will be one where we overthrow the money economy and take to swapping pigs, chickens and presumably computers. A kind of New Age barter system. I say . . .don’t hold your breath.

While it seems a lot of what the Zietgiest movies are saying is overdue to be said – (big bad capitalism is BIG and BAD and shadowy figures are shadowy – and yes people need to be told about this d’Oh!!!) – i just cannot see any kind of viable revolution getting underway that involves a cashless society based on bartering. The REAL revolution i would venture to suggest is the revolution of radical self-hood. It is the revolution of personal transformation. It is the revolution of personal mastery. It is the revolution of personal revelation and it is the revolution in the final expression being the public epiphany and the deep emergence  . . . .of a transformed social structure based on the tansformation of the tired old idea that kep it in place. Thoughts are things, and by the same token things are frozen thoughts. And please, please, if you disagree with this sentiment . . . just don’t feel you have to share it with me. But i digress.

The REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED. This is the new rule. So if you feel an ephiphany coming on please . . .please do capture it on film, post it on You Tube, Let the world know on face Book and Twitter and rest assured that YOU ARE A STAR. Well . . .a star in the making for sure.

World-wide Celebrities in action

Anyway  . . .in that mode – here is my epiphany from this morning while watching a boat turning lazily on it’s moorings in the bay. A quiet moment of personal clarity and insight that i now televise for your enjoymnet, entertainment and upliftment. Ready?

The beautiful dream without words

came to me and sang in the soft summer breezes

The revolution is now being televised

The End




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