Healing Cancer with Tumeric . . .Good News and Bad

25 02 2011

Have you heard the buzz about tumeric? Oh you really must check this out if you wish to avoid the health equivalent of being run over by a bus any time soon. Basically it turns out that if Tumeric were a drug it would be announced on the 6 O’Clock news as the great Cancer breakthrough.  There are any number of web pages devoted to the topic. Here’s a snippet from just one of them.

Turmeric is a herbaceous perennial plant of the ginger family that is native to Asia. Turmeric is one of nature’s most powerful healers and immuno defense booster. There are several hundred research reports by various organizations, universities, laboratories which repeatedly confirm the preventive and mitigative effects of turmeric in major diseases like cancer and alzheimer’s 



The greatest natural plant healer?




So I went into my local health food store recently to buy some organic tumeric as i had been happily doing while living in Queensland for the past six months. Nope, they were so sorry but they only had the “practitioner tablets”. Oh . . .bummer!  I immediately saw a mini-black hole open up in my wallet. When merchants are busy making a profit by invoking the wisdom of specialists and experts you know you’re in deep shizen. Practitioner tablets. Huh!  It took a while for my indignation to surface, but once I figured out what was going on there was no hiding it.

Oh I see . . .i said to the store lady . . . why stock the bulk organic stuff when you can sell people a little bottle of practitioner capsules for upwards of thirty bucks?  This time it was her turn for indignation. Thank you! she snapped and stalked off.

Generally you know you’ve hit the bullseye when people start getting that little bit upset. Yes, buttons once pressed can start in motion the deeper machinations of the human psyche and the murky pools of emotion that tend to collect close by can overflow. But when the arrow gives that solid vibrating thwongggggg sound after thudding home you can be pretty darn sure that you’ve hit the bullseye. Bingo! And er . . .sorry about that.

Doubtless some crafty marketing types have calculated down to a fine degree just how much they can squeeze out of me for something that grows abundantly on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Buderim in that region is one of the world’s leading producer’s of ginger and tumeric is a close relative of ginger and requires identical growing conditions. So I just rang Fundamental foods in Paddington, Brisbane and they mailed me down nearly half a kilo for $30 which included the $8 for express post. Had I walked in the front door of Fundamental Foods I could have walked out with my half kilo of organic tumeric for just over $20. I sure would like to meet the practitioners who designed that little itty bottle of capsules so I can let them know the good news. 1 teaspoon a day of the good old organic tumeric (i dissolve it into a litre of drinking watrer ande sip thru the day) and you can throw away those hideously expensive capsules.

Spread the word.



10 responses

27 02 2011

great post dr.
can u post me the benefits or tumeric? have heard some stuff, woud like more ! ows yer world matey? xx

27 02 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

Dear Mischa, just click on the link in the quoted section at the top of the post. It’s a bit hard to see – you need to mouse over a bit to find it or sharpen your vision. Open Sesame!!!

4 04 2011

Did you know that to maximise the benifits of tumeric one should take it with pepper and a fat be it advocardo, flaxseed oil or butter etc. The combination of the three have a synergistic driving effect and the fat binds the fat soluble vitamin and chemicals increasing the benifical activity… this formula is commonly used in Ayurveda medicine.

4 04 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

Wow . . thanks Jayne. Dr Q did not know this about the Tumeric & PEPPER and fat (actually I have heard about the fat part). In fact the wise woman who first told me about Tumeric was a big fan of raw, organic coconut oil. I have a big jar in my pantry. I will start doing the tripartite synergistic thing with the pepper and fat.

6 12 2011
Gayle Etcheverry

Tumeric is also great for people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). My best friend has RA, multiple sclerosis and cancer and we cook with tumeric all the time. Thank you for this post, we’re using natural methods to heal her and its amazing how much they work. We’re using supplements, a natural whole plant vegan diet plus juicing.

6 12 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

Thanks Gayle, ahhh the miracle spice. Keep cooking for friends. I have a delicious dahl recipe that I have been feeding myself & a few hungry travellers. Loads of tumeric. YUM

8 07 2012

We’re sometime able to buy tumeric root in local store, but wondered if anyone is growing it in Mandurah south of Perth. We follow an organic raw lifestyle so prefer to grow our own produce. Ginger grows so so. I recently used 1tsp each of grated tumeric, coconut oil, aloe vera mush, & tiny bit fresh chilli, as ointment on shingle blisters 3 x day for 2 days, no crusting or scaring.
Severe internal pain for 4 weeks until we read about 2Tbl Apple Cider Vinegar internally every few hours. Magic. Hope this helps someone.

8 07 2012
DR Quantum's Lime Flavoured Revolution

I don’t know about what’s available on the other side of our continent, which geographically is effectively another land. The South-Eastern coast of Queensland including the Sunshine Coast is the perfect climate for growing both Ginger and Tumeric. I don’t know if you are able to ship across Australia wihout fuss & without having strange things done to fruit and vegetables. But if you can, South Eastern QLD is a great place to source Tumeric in all forms both fresh & ground. Organic is fairly widely available. As mentioned in the post Fundamental Foods at Paddington in brisbane is one place you can obtain organic ground tumeric and often the fresh stuff as well. You will be able to find other suppliers of Organic Tumeric without much trouble in South eastern QLD

28 07 2014
barleans flaxseed oil

Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long
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Please let me know if this okay with you. Thanks a lot!

28 07 2014
DR Quantum's Lime Flavoured Revolution

No problem – please go ahead and quote me. Crediting references is always a nice thing to do

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