Earthquakes Floods Fires Tsunamis Volcanoes Disease Revolution – This is the End my Friend

5 03 2011

Let’s get really crazy and let’s get wierd. You see what’s interesting is that, in case you hadn’t noticed, there have been an enormous number of significant disaster events going off around the world recently. Oh you had noticed! Well OK then. They may seem unconnected, but let’s play a game of Quantum imaginings for a moment . . .

A few weeks ago Australian Greens leader – Senator Bob Brown dared to suggest that the 2011 Queensland floods and coal mining are somehow connected. Gerard Henderson (Sydney Morning Herald Jan 18 2011) and the usual phallic phalanx of media toads expressed righteous indignation. Perhaps not surprisingly even Martin Ferguson the Federal Govenment’s Resources Minister and right wing faction heavy, jumped in to defend the mining companies. These randy old dinosaurs fresh from raping a forest full of trees will have a crack at anything.

Bring up the wild bongo music. Here is none other than Piers Ackerman drunk on voodoo juice in trance-lockstep with his tribe around the campfire. Wooo woo woo. How is that the more right wing they get the more they seem to enjoy a good old fashioned ritualistic stomp around the circle in their leopard skins? Ah manly togetherness! Belonging. How touching . . .perhaps it reminds them of Neuremburg. The darlings.

By contrast in the nerdy and discernibly effeminate News Review section of the Sydney Morning Herald this weekend  (SMH News Review March 5-6 P5) is a boxed section under the banner of Science. It starts out: Whereas the politics of climate change has been a rollercoaster ride, the message from scientists has remained unchanged.

Professor Penny Sackett . . . Australia’s chief scientist said last week on her departure from the post. “All countries should immediately seek ways to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. It’s an enormously important time in history, probably unlike any before.” The piece continues: The US government’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration concluded that “global warming is undeniable” And elsewhere. . .In an unprecedented report the Australian Academy of Science stated in August “We are very confident that human induced global warming is a real phenomenon.”

One can imagine the spectacle of Piers Ackerman, Gerard Henderson, Tony Abbott and other itchy bottomed, angry and indignant nutters defending the holy citadel of Pythonesque delusions against the barbarian hordes. Chaps youre doing a magnificent job of appearing ridiculous. Problem: no one is laughing.

Ladies and gentlemen, is it such a revolutionary notion to suggest that it is people burning increasingly huge amounts of fossil fuels on the planet for the past couple hundred years that’s causing climate change? Something has caused the tipping point to be triggered. Yes we do have human caused climate change folks.

You see climate change deniers are basically people who have their heads jammed so far up their own fundamental orifi that they would rather believe anything, anything, regardless of how bizare, improbable, untenable or just plain unbelievable, than admit the simple and obvious truth that it is people that have caused climate change.  The overwhelming concensus among scientists is that anthropogenic climate change is a reality. People did it. Not sunspots or some other baloney. We did it.  What I find utterly incomprehensible is that 60% of the elected representatives one of our major political parties in Australia either actively deny anthropogenic climate change or are sceptical. Jesus Christ – forgive them for they know not what they do.

So now let’s get really crazy and let’s get wierd. You see what’s interesting is that, in case you hadn’t noticed, there have been an enormous number of significant disaster events going off around the world recently. Oh you had noticed! Well OK then. They may seem unconnected, but let’s play a game of Quantum imaginings for a moment.

The bombing of the twin towers. The 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. The 7.6 earthquake that struck Pakistan in 2005. An 8.7 earthquake struck Indonesia in March 2005 killing more than 1,600 people. Hurricane Katrina, which inundated New Orleans killed more than 1,200 people. Hurricane Stan the same year which triggered mudslides in countries throughout South America and killed around 1,150 people. The Haiti earthquake. The Christchurch Earth quake. The Victorian Bush Fires. Volcanoes that stop air traffic. The Queensland floods. AIDS in Africa, Revolutions in the middle East.

In Quantum Theory everything is Connected – so what is connecting all these disasters and violent events? I reckons it is indeed the end times. But not the end of the world.  In system theory things become very unstable – exactly what the world is doing now – just before a system goes through what is known as a Meta System Transition. In other words just before the whole system changes; is transformed. It’s a fascinating thing that.

The Mayans as we have been hearing so often of late chose to end their calendar in December of 2012, perhaps seeing that beyond that point, the sequence of history will have come to an end. So I am going to make a prediction. The world will become increasingly unpredicatable leading up to December 2012 as indeed it has been becoming. The world will not end on 21st December 2012. It’s doing a magnificnet job of that right now. These are indeed “the end times” referred to in the bible and predicted in the Mayan Calendar. No . . . the world isn’t going to end. But it may be the end of the world as we know it. As I witness the proclamations of Gerard Henderson, Piers Ackerman and the climate change denial tribe, I say bring it on. The New Age can’t get here quick enough in my book. Pass the crystals and wave the incense, it may keep away the lunatics.

Oh and by the way . . .a little additional note because I have been getting quite a few hits from people doing searches with the words tsunamis earthquakes and end times. Here’s what i really truly madly deeply recommend TO ANYONE who is interested in making the earth changes. System Theory calls this the Meta System Transition. If you wish to do it with elegance and grace for the highest good of all, do Check out The Dream Change organization. They are providing deep ecology workshops that assist, enable and empower people to connect at a deep(er) level of the planetary dynamic – it’s powerful and transformative in exactly the right direction. No fruit cake paranoia – just good old fashioned results at a deep human level.

Dream Change Director LLyn Roberts

Human over-development is destroying our home on this Blue Planet; this shimmering ball floating in the vast blackness of space. This is our home in the stars and it is being polluted, desecrated, raped and in a very real sense – destroyed, by greed, by ignorance, by fear, by short-term thinking, by denialists. It is time for people of CONSCIENCE to take a stand. Whatever you feel or think that is – non-violent please! – but it is time to take a stand. Get active. Yes . . .become a radical. Do you know what radical means? It comes from the latin word radix meaning root. People need to confront the lies, the greed, the stupidity, the political lack of will AT THE ROOT and people MUST DO SOMETHING POSITIVE AND PROACTIVE. The lesson was given in Nazi Germany . . .that when good people DO NOTHING the world slides into an abyss. Take personal responsibility. Do not let this happen. YOU CAN MAKE THE POSITIVE DIFFERENCE

The Dream Change Symposium is a great place to start your radical (at the root) actions to transform the future. It’s inexpensive – usually around $20 per one day workshop – and sometimes FREE. Get activated. Just do it.

Please consider leaving a comment below. Dr Quantum will reply. No hatemail please – it’s boring.



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6 03 2011

What I find most interesting is that human consciousness is having to embrace the idea of ‘we’re all in this together’….now if that isn’t a cosmic movement in oneness then what is?! Nothing like a bit of panic to promote inner resourcefulness.
A very wise friend of mine pointed to the fact that reviewing the earth’s history, past times of global warming had to do with activity on the surface of the sun. We may think we are responsible on a very basic level, (sinners one and all – old Bible, not new paradigm ) but here is an opportunity for expansive heart connected thinking embracing solar consciousness. It’s the I AM presence in activity to raise our vibration.

6 03 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

Thanks Avalyn for a most thoughtful comment. May I say that past periods of warming events being present with sun surface activity (AKA Solar Flares) could simply mean that the Sun is alive. Who knows what effect they are having. It may actually be that by driving the Earth Systems into retrograde motion at a critical time specific event windows open up to then push the system back in the preferred direction. Just as James Lovelock has famously observed in the Gaia Hypothesisnoted a whole host of idicators would suggest that the Earth is indeed alive. Many rational people find this notion preposterous. Is it?

And yes I agree, nothing like a bit of panic to promote inner resourcefulness – with an added tinge of hysteria methinks. What seems obvious to me is that human beings are going to be getting busy cleaning up their act. I am merely critical of the CLimate CHange Denial industry who have gone about a campaign of disinformation worthy of the Propaganda machine of Hitler’s Germany. There is essentially no difference. The Germans believed the Spin and went along for the ride. What is truly disturbing these days is that as I go about among people I meet they are mouthing off this crap.
Dr Quantum thinks it’s time for people of conscience everywhere to start setting the record staight

7 03 2011
sharon Cullington

Yay, the end of injustice, lies, starvation, abused children by the masses, 95% of us slaves to keep the 5% wealthy, male domination, unethical leadership, poisoned foods, raping of our planet, mental disorder as a consequence. Lets all hold hands and manifest freedom, love for all mankind with us all sharing, ending waste and come from our hearts rather than that sad sad ego. And lets start raising our children with confidence, strength and lots and lots of affection. – talk to me if you agree – [yay, you x]

7 03 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

Sharon, I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments. I do believe that . . .inwardly the revolution of the personal self is one of the profoundly empowering things that we can do to change the world, for to “come from our hearts rather than that sad sad ego” as you so aptly put it will require the revolution and cultivation of self along lines of love, personal transformation, care and cultivation of ones own consciousness. Quite possibly some kind of mindful practice. There is however a very big problem with this, and that is that the culture and social ecology that might produce such people has been stripped away . . .denuded. Unfortunately along with a world of environmental collapse we are living in a word of personal, ethical and social colapse – the destruction of self-hood. What we have in its place is the glorification of the not-self. rampant narcissism, mindless violence, dumb bloke-ism etc & so forth. It is my observation that this is enabled by a dysfunctional social entity . This can be healed, transformed. I would also concur with the ancients that we do live in what might be called a Godless society. This is not hard to see when you but walk down the street in your local neighbourhood and observe. The problem is that we now know too much to simply address these problems with the proscriptions of simple solutions and black & white fundamentalism. To those who have the eyes to see such things, are given great opportunities for love, empowerment and personal and group transformation. My personal interest is in how we might functionally achieve this at the group and communal level as well as the personal. For I believe that the times we live in present both the emergency and the opportunity. The emergency is as real as it was for the travellers on the Titanic. The opportunity is far more amazing, novel, inspiring and exciting than anything we have witnessed. So what are we going to do?

7 03 2011
sharon Cullington

Thank you for asking. One fabulous woman at a time is how I see it. We (our Planet and everything in it) have come unstuck due to being out of balance, its a sure way to a certain death.
We women have let our sisters down, those hard working Suffragettes who so daringly paved the way for equality, would be disappointed in us. We took it too literally, we began working like men, doing mens work, sweating and swearing like men, becoming blokes so that we could feel equal. They happily let us. Now, we are all confused. We give our children to centres or to strangers to be raised, our teenage sons and daughters get their socialization (Its probably not a word) from computers and TV. We feel guilty all the time and stressed and confused and too overwhelmed to think too much about politicians and their stupidity and waste.
But, you asked, what can we do? You are doing it and, wow, I thank you for giving me a place to say what I feel. There are so many strong people with big hearts who care so much that we could just turn this thing around. My Thursday night group in Balmain is for any woman looking to find passion. All welcome to contact me and I will book you into the first available group. If your a single mum or out of work, it is free of charge. I don’t want any woman to feel alone and unsupported if she has a dream of making a difference. for more info. x

7 03 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

Sharon it sounds like you are providing a wonderful community space for women. Not a woman myself – genderwise at least – but I think i feel an Eco Feminist blog-rave coming on in your honour and in honour of the great feminine living fractal otherwise known as the Goddess. Happy to support your fabulous sounding work. Please consider creating a link from your website to this blog using i reckon the Goddess would approve whole heartedly!!!

7 03 2011
sharon Cullington

As a newbie blogger who is fumbling through the systems……. I need my hand held. The Goddess and I want that link on site, would you mind helping us Dr QB?

9 03 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

Thanks Sharon – i nearly forgot. You just feature a hyper link with the following address behind it. – see . . . your developer / friendly family / helpful tribe – member will know how to do it if they are your web support person. Link me in and WIN

10 03 2011
sharon Cullington

Thank you Dr QB, your information needs to be seen, your style makes it compulsory.
My tribe is onto it.
Thanks Again

10 03 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

Sharon, your tribe and my tribe make magical ju-ju around the eternal campfire on the ground of being. Verily it is so. We are the children of the Holomovement – Declare Code Green within the Torus. Engage with the circle within the circle. Time for the best of fun

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