The Earth Healing Project for Swingers

16 04 2011

The Earth Healing Project - Image & Concept by Desiree Glanville

What the World Needs now is . . . The Earth Healing Project. Many focii (that’s the plural of focus just in case . . .) for Quantum Healing are emerging into consciousness right about now on the planet. If you haven’t noticed this emergence happening lately then it’s probably a good idea you just get started. Here’s the latest new, new thing for Planetary Healing. It is good. (There’s a scientific statement for you)

The Earth Healing Project is brought to you by that amazing Digital artist Desiree Walstra. As part of her beautiful giving she is offering the image above for FREE download from her Red Bubble site – link available in the first sentence of this blog above. Any way you wish to use the image is OK – as long as you don’t alter the image itself. From her site you can download and hang it on your wall, use it as screen saver etc & so forth. As well as doing all of these things Dr Quantum is going to have it made into a T-Shirt at one of those single and short-run T-Shirt places that will print a one-off image for you. Of course I will create a caption “The Earth Healing Project by Desiree Walstra”

Daisy’s recipe for Earth Healing using the image is to simply find a friend or three (or three hundred, or . . .) and use the image with this distributed group to meditate, focus and program for Earth Healing. (you can read about it on her site here) If there is any doubt whatsoever in your mind about the effectiveness and the power of using such quantum techniques for creating a shift in consciousness, in the world, in yourself – as a healing tool then you may wish to check out the amazing story of Ho’oponopono for example. The fact is there are many such examples. Yes I am the anit-skeptic particle today. I have given up sketicism in favour of complaining. This week I am complaining about skeptics.

The message is now very clear for all who have had their radar on these past couple of thousand years – culminating in the times in which we live. You are a living centre of miraculous power and possibility. All you have to do to activate this power is to go to Woolworths and purchase you Instant Personal Power Pak for just $9.99 and hey presto! You can get started right away. I’m kidding about Woolworths . . .Just want to make sure you’re paying attention.

The thing is this – The Earth Healing project, like your own miraculous creativity just runs on water and air. I say this because if you don’t drink water and if you stop breathing . . .soon you will die. You can survive without food for much, much longer. So go for it. Change the world from the comfort of your own home. And hey . . .get your friends involved. Don’t just keep the Earth Healing Project’s Quantum Miraculousness to yourself. Share it round and don’t be shy. Light a candle, invite the Spirit and heal the world. Be the change. You know you want to do it.

Daisy tells me in one of our recent communications that it’s basically the same as something I wrote recently. About updating Adam Smith’s idea of the invisible hand. Which is:

  1. LOVE is the answer
  2. FEAR is what makes domination strategies seem like a good idea
  3. A path with no heart can only lead to disaster
  4. The miraculous solutions to our seemingly insoluble problems are just beyond our fingertips and as such we may have to reach for them
  5. Respect for all of LIFE includes resepct for plants, animals, people and things, for metaphysically there is only YOU, the ONE, and you want to learn how to love yourslef; deeply, genuinely, authentically and joyously
  6. Nothing matters so you had better start caring for LIFE or pretty soon YOU wont matter
  7. Life really is an illusion – all of it. Which illusion do you now choose to make real throught the power of your transformative quantum miraculousness?
  8. It may be the karma of the starving millions to be starving, but it’s your karma to know about them . . .how do you wish to respond?
  9. It is essential to have a positive vision if you want to be positively powerful and change the world for the better
  10. What goes around comes around
  11. You are the invisible hand made flesh. DO SOMETHING

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Here’s a picture of a couple of real swingers in action



7 responses

16 04 2011

Thank you for the continued encouragement to keep holding the powerful vision for the living earth and all life upon it.

16 04 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

Thanks to you Clea for being such a beautiful and supportive regular reader. I am sure you would agree that Daisy’s beautiful digital artwork can inspire millions . . .thanks to all

16 04 2011

That was a great read! Thank you very much for spreading the LOVE!

16 04 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

Such a pleasure Daisy . . .we can do more. Let’s call it a start

16 04 2011
The Earth Healing Project for Swingers (via Dr Quantum’s Blog) | Devinedaydreams's Blog

[…] The Earth Healing Project for Swingers (via Dr Quantum’s Blog) Posted on April 16, 2011 by devinedaydreams What the World Needs now is . . . The Earth Healing Project. Many focii (that's the plural of focus just in case . . .) for Quantum Healing are emerging into consciousness right about now on the planet. If you haven't noticed this emergence happening lately then it's probably a good idea you just g … Read More […]

16 11 2012
Emily Peyton

Hello, Thank you for your work, I offer a pledge as an entry gift:
I pledge allegiance to the Earth, upon whom our lives depend, and to the beings with whom we share her. Our Earth, of the Universe, beauteous beyond comprehension.
I live in Vermont, and am working to recreate the plan of ecovillages here, and I need the copy of the bill that Reynolds has gotten passed, please do send it on, and on my website are a number of films I have made regarding the uses in building of hemp and a public monetary system, I hope you have that link handy?
And thank you for this website and all the attention you have put into it.

16 11 2012
DR Quantum's Lime Flavoured Revolution

Thanks Emily . . .what is your website? I would love to send you the bill but I don’t have it. If you go to that’s Michael Reynold’s site. Most of his stuff is run by his son these days. Also you are recommended to watch the Garbage Warrior movie which shows in some detail how he got the bill passed. I will try to find your website

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