Gettin’ Down with Groovy Jesus of the Infinite Beyond

23 04 2011

Use your Freedom of Choice

Please be advised that Dr Quantum will not be referring to Jesus as the Funky Banana over Easter. It simply wouldn’t be proper. Nor will we be employing the term J-Dog. Well of course the Jewish Bling King from Jerusalem is all that and more. Now I am sorry if you are shocked to learn that Jesus was Jewish. I mean . . . is the Pope a Catholic?

Well funky hipsters here’s the thing you see . . .are we gettin’ down with Jesus or is Jesus gettin down with us?  It is time for all rational funky hipsters to understand some of the astonishing implications of Quantum Theory. Part of this wake up and smell the fair-trade organic coffee of the New Age Dawn is the enormous hole that has been left by quantum theory in our common, garden, ordinary reality. Reality ain’t what it used to be hipsters. The whole thing’s been blown wide open.

Any dinosaurs who still cling to the outmoded notion that God is dead and all that crusty old boring stuff . . . well seriously you need to wake up, eat a banana hanging upside down in your pyjamas. . . meditate the electric Zen mystical Jesus holographic fractal of infinite possibility and then call the ancient God-Goddess of the multi-dimensional order of hypnotic cave dwellers on your iPhone. That’s ASAP by the way. And that’s just for starters. No time Toulouse Latrec. Qui?

It is tempting to imagine that if Jesus were alive today he would be hounded by the Paparazzi who would slavishly follow his every move. Grainy photographs of Jesus holidaying on a yacht off some dreamy Greek island would appear in the pages of OK! Magazine. He would announce his brilliance by slashing the dank walls of subways with neon graffiti for the astonished gaze of early morning commuters. You are where you are RIGHT NOW!!! Or maybe he would be getting paid $15 million dollars a movie for the pleasure of blowing the minds of star-struck hypnotized millions across the planet. Jesus is working late in the lab tonight developing a cure for a rare tropical disease. He is splitting the atom. Jesus works at my favourite cafe . . .he does the most amazing hearts in the crema.

The tragic beauty of the hipster romance with life is that,  as exciting as good old science can be the quantum reality is the science of the NOW! Age . . . wherein it is written, that there is more than enough room in what phycisist David Bohm calls the implicate order, for Gods and Goddesses unlimited to be rolling around practicing tantric sumo love wrestling inside a petunia. The really weird part is that on some level that is definitely going on. Enjoy the view. And hey you know . . . to quote the Doobies: Jesus is just alright with me.

If you don’t want to believe in the Jesus story because your egoic reality has been infected with a bunch of rationalist dogma. . .  If you have chosen 2 believe the rationalist myth of so-called science, just relax for a moment. Yes you are probably a bit of a cubist block-head. Look . . .you bought the lie. It’s OK! We all did. So put your feet up and give yourself a break . . .hey it’s Easter. Go ahead, have a quiet moment with infinity. Pour yourself a drop of eternal wine. Put your hand in the hand of the man who walked on the water . . . and shake it babay. He’s a hip cool swingin groovy guy. I’m down wid it. I’m down wid Jesus. Hell . . . I’m down wid the Lord. And um . . . when quantum systems interact they become mutually entangled.

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Errr. . . how about some more of that chocolate egg dude. And Jesus is down wid me. Now hit it!


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4 responses

24 04 2011

Hey there super Simon,
I so needed your keep on keeping on vibe today…cos my life’s gone so above the water-line, I cant quite catch up..and the cartoon!……AH…my life in a caption.
I’ve been Internet dating and Lordy what a troubled mire of base desire has been revealed for me there….very treacherous waters, so I’m standing on the bridge looking at the sunset … alone…….but have met an architect who has BIG vision and we are becoming good friends…our connection is about Higher consciousness …and no sex for me…(poor little Scorp)…though been so long I don’t know why I’m even thinking about my base chakra…but I am a touchy feely kind of loving lass…..
We are planning to set up an art centre in a super environmental building…you ahve prob heard of Earthships……using old tyres in the base construction….
The astrology is absolutely wild right now…and anyone who is waiting for 2012, forget it, cos you will have missed the boat…it is now my lovERlies and we are in the ascension and fast.
What I am FEELING, if you cant pay your debts then dont…the old way of authority is losing its grip and you cannot be prosecuted if you’re living in the Higher vibration….you cannot be seen or found…..we are NOT part of the old world so we must act differently and with absolute fearlessness..because it IS the truth and undeniably in power right NOW
Yo to you brother……XX

24 04 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

Hi AVALYN!!! Great to see you raising your head above the parapet. Yeah Earthships . . . you will see on my links at the top RH cnr of each page is a link to Earthships and Biotechture. Dr Q is down wid Earthships baby. I’m down wid it. We gone fly hi in the sky wid dem muda ships yeahhhh. Bring back da clouds for de crowds and make it loud in dat mos def mix of infinite slip hop power to de sound. Yeahhhh, yeahhhhh, yeahhhh. Dat be ma impersonation of dem beatles maaaam. Yo jiggy wid it sista?

30 04 2011
Riki Tiki

(thinking along the same groove hip kat!!) Posted this on someone’s wall quite recently but had the idea a few weeks ago. I mean …. like … like … I mean maybe .. like its … quantum resonance or somethin’ …. r

1. Prediction ~ As the impending planetary download of “World Religions – Version 2.0” is installed and integrated into the hearts and minds of the billions of believers, there will emerge a new category of unity amongst religious perspectives that is not perceivable to nor conceivable by the analytical, linguistic mode of cognition within which we humans have been struggling for so long. This will include a new order of empowered relationships between the believer and the believed. Religions, like all other arenas of human endeavor and organization, will each, in their own time, transit into fresh modes of being as new and broader kinds of planetary awakenings continue to unfold. These two traditions (Vaisnava and Buddhist) can never meet in the exclusive “either/or” category of functioning – a terribly limited way of relating to life, nature, and The Great Mystery … and an orientation that has caused untold suffering and destruction for centuries. Vaisnava philosophy and Buddhist philosophy are diametrically opposed and mutually exclusive when considered from this festering ‘either/or’ way of seeing and being that has infected us all.

2. Suggestion ~ That we individually and collectively rediscover and engage our capacities to imagine, to dream, and to envision our unique ways into new cognitive systems of unprecedented and inclusive “both/and” modes of being in the world … where synthesis becomes more prominent than analysis. Where there is more heart … and less brain until a sacred balance is attained. Where there is an increase in the feminine … and a decrease in the masculine until a sacred balance is attained. Where every belief grants truth and reality to its believers … truth and reality that is mutually acknowledged to be just as true and real as the truth and reality of any other system of belief. Where the primacy of consciousness is the foundation of each individual’s experience, regardless of how that individual may presently conceive the origins of that consciousness. Where the focus on content drops away leaving context as the essential consideration in the act of believing. Where that context is informed and sustained by a new kind of human being for whom power (the willingness and ability to act) has become conscious.
I like the contribution that Victor Hugo makes to this discussion through his quote ~ “It seemed to be a necessary ritual that he should prepare himself for sleep by meditating under the solemnity of the night sky… a mysterious transaction between the infinity of the soul and the infinity of the universe.” Using this kind of practice within a “both/and” context, even religion and science can join hands in celebrating the gift of existence.

3. Question ~ How can we all unite in celebration of the awe-inspiring gift of life and existence?

30 04 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

RIchard, thought provoking comments. Thanks so much. And you asked this question: How can we all unite in celebration of the awe-inspiring gift of life and existence? I think the answer is really very simple. Everyone, and I mean everyone should visit my weekly blog, subscribe and leave lot’s of comments and send endless links to their friends. AND you may have noticed that there is a link towards the end of the post above where it says Hit it! That will take you to the Doobies singing the Jesus song. People should start their day listening to this song. I think that, clearly, all the points ideas and knotty topics you raised can be entirely satisfied by just following the Dr Quantum’s Blog formula. Really . . .when you stop and think about it, nothing else would be necessary if people just did that!!!! I do hope I am not offending anyone when I say this, but sometimes we must make a stand.

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