Glorious – The Fuzzy Atom of Love

21 05 2011

Sustainable System - The Tree of Life

There is not nearly enough integrational material available on sustainability.  Apparently you are either a lab coated Newtonian scientist – I love it when you talk nerdy to me – or an off with the faeries mystical dreadlocked Tree Hugger. Me? I am a bit of both without the dreads and minus the lab coat – but hey . . . where’s that confounded bridge? It’s just gotta be around here someplace, and like those rugged explorers of yesteryear, I say . . .it’s time to cross the great divide.

Picture if you will the excitement caused back in the day when old Sydney Town was abuzz with the imminent crossing of the rugged Blue Mountains by the venerable explorers Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth. And do you really care that the Great Dividing Range was formed during the Carboniferous Period some 300 million years ago? Let’s face it tree huggers . . .from a human interest point of view what the European settlers cared about at that time was the high adventure of finally making the crossing, and for this they looked to those hardy pioneers.

Imagine for just a moment that you are a traveler from the past and you step Jules Verne like into a Steam Driven time machine of infinite destinations, meditations and pregnant possibilities. You set the controls for the year 2012, the 21st of December no less . . .the end of the Mayan calendar . . . and behold! For you travel to the very end of time.

The portal device begins rocking and shuddering and shaking. Blue Electrical arcs snake up inside the giant glass valves and with a great flash and a loud bang . . .here you are.

From the year 1813 you have come in a great circle of time. And landing on the edge of the year 2012 the time of the great crossing is upon us once again. We cross from the old Newtonian-Cartesian paradigm to the New . . . the New Era, the New Age, the New Time for humanity. Indeed it is time to boldly go . . . consider the Tree of Life – the Sephirotic Tree pictured above. The Tree of Life may not be new, but our understanding of life can be using the Tree as a map.

A deceptively simple, a multi-dimensional map for journeying to any point in the space time continuum. So we could use it to help us locate sustainability.

Dr Quantum would suggest, that the Tree of Life, AKA the Sephirotic Tree is indeed a map to assist us in better understanding sustainability. And what does it tell us? Well . . .many volumes have been written about the Tree of Life, and much of it is impenetrably dense. Let us simply say this. The tree speaks to us in terms of activating miraculous success in our lives. This is a very Quantum Kool kind of thing to be doing right about now of course. When you think about it, that would have to include sustainability because we are in danger of melting down, freaking out and logging off these days. Miraculous success would have to be sustainable then, or, by definition it wouldn’t be success. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!

So let’s make this easy. The first thing the tree tells us is to get in touch with our deepest desires. Now put those deep desires into a framework of your vision for the future. What is your vision? And do that with excellence, with . . .impeccability. You now have the basic formula that no amount of searching will ever improve. It’s the key to sustainability. Feel your feelings. Have a vision. Combine the vision with impeccability. And wow! Things will start to happen.

In a quantum sense the shift you will experience is aided and abetted by atoms that are warm and fuzzy and buzzy and fun. Not hard and round and stinky at all. You can adopt an atom as a pet and give it a name . . . it will even come when you call. Hey Glorious where are you??? Your dinner is ready. Visionary impeccability – it’s in the bowl for you. Come and get it.

Meowwwww, purrrrrr. Here comes Glorious now! The fuzzy atom of Love.

Glorious - the fuzzy atom of love



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21 05 2011

Calling all warm, fuzzy, buzzy, and FUN atoms from throughout the universe, both the inner and outer one. It’s a good reminder to find out what my passion really is, my deepest desire and be impeccable in my prayer for searching that out. Calling all warm, fuzzies…and love bunnies….

22 05 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

Warm, fuzzy, buzzy and FUN. Is that the love bunny of infinity . . .

21 05 2011

A new movie by Terrence Malik called Tree of Life is due out soon – can’t wait to see it … stars Sean Penn and Brad Pitt.

Nice post mateeey r

22 05 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

Yes i have read some interviews. Does the movie actually relate to the Sephirotic Tree as such? You would hope so. Glad you enjoyed the post. Meowwwwwww . . . . and woof!

22 05 2011

Here comes the Glorious NOW!!!…Yeah…I love it!! Thankyou!

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