Mutiny Zine – Rage Against the Machine

4 06 2011

I Am An Anarchist

Here’s the thing . . .Dr Quantum is an Anarchist. Not an Anti-Christ mind you but definitely an Anarchist. We think the Sex Pistols may have gone too far. So keep your hair on and discover the finer points of civil disobedience in The Age of Chaos. The Age of Chaos? You’re standing in it.

You see Dr Quantum is perfectly happy to introduce the well intentioned left wing Socialists at Jura Books and Mutiny – an anarchist collective . . .Mutiny is an anarchist collective based in Sydney (click here). They say . . .We started this zine to explore different avenues of disobedience & resistance, & to encourage people to write about their ideas, actions & experiences. Mutiny Zine collective meets regularly, please contact us on the address below if your are interested.

So there it is. It’s one brand of Anarchy and worth looking at if you’re interested in really interesting ideas. For my own personal Quantumized worldview I prefer something with a more . . .shall we say “spiritual” orientation. Anarchy with a helping of Cosmic Consciousness and Divine sauce, hold the gratuitous violence.

Running a coin down the duco of a Mercedes Benz has never been my idea of how to have a good night out. Nevertheless it seems that some form of enlightened Anarchy is where we must evolve to as a species. The dream is less and lighter government because relatively enlightened people and societies definitely don’t need some overbearing nanny or fascist state telling them what to do at every turn. Don’t get me started on China  . . .they are becoming worse than the USA. God help us all.

Dr Q actually resonates with the right wing rat-bags over in the USA and perhaps elsewhere in their disdain for the ham-fisted overly controlling ways of juggernaut  governments and their bureau-crazies.

Think about stuff. In a holistic system, maximum efficiency is will tend to be in evidence through the independent actions of autonomous agents. Command and Control is dead. The Nuremberg Rallies of Nazi Germany that seemed like such a good idea at the time – led to embarrassing and bitter defeat for Germany and a divided schizophrenic Berlin that has only recently been outwardly unified. The healing of inner divisions is now an ongoing process.

Command and control doesn’t work. But what is the difference between Nazi Germany and Corporate Fascism? Well for one thing corporate fascists use more subtle mind-control techniques. Today’s corporate fascists don’t need Nuremberg they have . . .The Chicago School of Economics, The Sydney University Psychology Department and of course . . .Foxtel. The people in the picture below are basically all hallucinating, that is . . .watching telly.

Think about stuff. Long live the evolution

Quantum out



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