World Crisis -Time to Re-discover The Quantum Goddess?

9 08 2011

Saraswati - Goddess of the Arts, Music and Learning

The Quantum Goddess Presents Miraculous Possibilities

Miraculous Possibilities and Quantum Imaginings may be what we need right now – consider the nature of a Quantum Goddess. A crisis is upon us and is still deepening. London is burning; the stock market is melting down indicating the possibility of another Global Financial Crisis; the USA has had its credit rating downgraded by Standard & Poor’s – controversial perhaps but breathtaking none the less. Meanwhile the Sumatran Jungles are being devastated by logging leaving wild tigers to roam the barren Earth wondering what happened. The Brazilian Amazon forest is being devastated, logged mainly to raise beef cattle and for other equally banal reasons. If there is a Quantum Goddessout there anywhere, i am estimating she is needed now more than ever before.

All of this is of course merely the tip of a very large ice berg. We are collectively sliding into the abyss. What are we to do? And how can we create miraculous possibilities? Many of the Posts on this blog have highlighted the evils of rampant capitalism. Dr Quantum is not against capitalism per se. However the term Free Enterprise is very much preferred. We have not supported FREE Enterprise but a kind of state sponsored system of neo slavery.

Now it must be said that human beings are busy spectacularly failing when it comes to demonstrating our ability to handle the freedom implicit in FREE enterprise. But here’s the thing . . .we are free to imagine. So what does a Quantum Goddess actually look like and how could the conception of her generate miraculous possibilities?

First of all it might help to simply grok the idea that if a Quantum Goddess does exist then she is well and truly multidimensional and not bound by time and space the way you and i appear to be. From our point of view – Miraculous possibilities are a doddle for a Quantum Goddess. At this time of world crisis certainly one of the very best things that people can do and continue doing is to light a candle and envision the world we desire in our deeper selves. It seems the world is now in the process of being born anew. It is time therefore to start dreaming again of the future we would prefer. What was it that you said you wanted all those years ago? Then that’s the thing to imagine. And just like your can take your good business plan to the bank, you can take your best imaginings for the world to the God or Goddess of your understanding. The rationalist mind may not appreciate this. Never mind. Prove it to YOURSELF in the laboratory of radical self-hood.

Try this simple recipe. See if you can get this one on the griddle for your own metaphysical version of Master Chef. Define a small amount of time and space for your imaginings. You could go all traditional and call it an altar. Place into that time-space co-ordinate a projection (image) of the future you would prefer to see. Light a candle – define a point of light – and use it as a focus to present your vision to the God or Goddess of your understanding. Energise this projection on a regular basis (the time part of the time-space coordinate) – otherwise known as create a religious ritual.

Now observe the result – very scientific indeed. Keep a journal and note on a daily basis what happens as you continue to energise the vision using your specific time space coordinates. The tipping point of all that quantum energy being put forth into the universe could appear as an unexpected manifestation (a miracle) in your version of reality. Repeat as desired. Do your thing. And if you catch yourself in the act of sabotaging yourself, don’t tell a soul. Just tell yourself to maximize the miraculous possibilites of the Quantum Goddess.



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