Transcendent Memes for Another Daily Planet

7 09 2011

The Hedgehog Shores of Princess Point

The wild sassafras orchids examine all the portals of eternity in the frog’s dark electronic pursuit. Palpable sneezing fireworks of the wand perplex somnambulistic beings dwarfed by the straggling undergrowth of parkland’s end. Lost upon wild shores of Princess Point they tangle in a blurred mass exhibiting mutant styrofoam money bags. Such are the Hedgehog Shores where a simple act of scratching an itch may be the purest pleasure known to the tanscendent human-like teddy bears of fairy floss GOD farm. Schnieble Syracuse implodes with packets of custard. Press Select to Continue

Lost upon wild shores of Princess Point they tangle in a blurred mass exhibiting mutant styrofoam money bags, yes such are the Hedgehog Shores – La de da de da – end message.



7 responses

8 09 2011
Clea Rose

Dr Q, You have officially gone “round the bend”. End message…..LOL….

8 09 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

Well now here’s the thing . . .so there is an abstract quality to this post. Great. Why does everything have to make so much bloody logical sense? Also there is a really cute musical experience embedded in this post. Did you play it during or after reading this post? Because honestly it was put there specifically to heighten your enjoyment and pleasure. Also . . .the name of the song Take 5 – originally by Dave Brubeck is a hint to what this post is all about. Give you logic a little holiday. Yes for all of 3 minutes or so. Really . . .you will be able to find it again when you need it and you will probably not go completely bonkers. Although anything could happen hey . . .

8 09 2011

i loved it.

9 09 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

Hey Mischa . . that makes two of us. Well alright then. Perhaps I should be more humble but I cannot contain my own glee at this small and (dare i say?) creative act of subverting the dominant paradigm. Long live the evolution

9 09 2011

Very nice site!

20 09 2011

My first reaction was that Clea was right on the money . . .

However ‘madness’ ( gawn around the bend, that is ) is often a simple appraisal of brilliance that is not readily recognisable . . . I did enjoy the illogical interlude for the take 5 that I took.

20 09 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

Quite so Ric, it was simply an invitation for all logical beings to take 5. A bit of whimsy, intended as a novelty and a bit of fun. As David Byrne of Talking Heads once so aptly regaled us to Stop making Sense . . .so have i.

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