Integration of Spirituality and Science

20 09 2011

Is the Integration of Spirituality and Science a Key to Future Human Evolution?

Some of the feedback coming from community groups these days is fascinating. Some people are getting upset about metaphysics and spirituality. More scientific rigor! they say. These are they who stick to the hardline of materialistic humanism touting this as the key to future human evolution. And there are many also who say au contraire! . . . it is the embrace of the spiritual which offers the keys to the kingdom of human evolution. It may well be that this creative tension of opposites generates plenty of heat and one might imagine some light. The problem is, that this leaves us short of an integration of spirituality and science. If we are to discover (stumble upon?) the key to future human evolution then perhaps we need to start thinking less in terms of either-or and more in terms of YES AND. In the broad sense this is what is referred to as (the science of) complexity.

Call me old fashioned if you like but I like a bit of complexity with my scientifically balanced muesli in the morning. And . . .like California we are, after all in muesli country here folks – full of nuts fruits and flakes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Viva la difference i say.

Einstein believed in God. What makes you so sure?

The really big deal right now at the cutting edge of progressive ideas appears to be the intriguing possibilities that Quantum Theory has opened up. It’s the real integration of spirituality and science. Gods and Goddesses have become a real possibility again. Yes it seems God is back. Where did She/He go? I hear you ask. The answer may be the key to future human evolution.

Once upon a time it was a relatively safe bet that if you wanted to run your flag up the mast of the ship of Atheism, you could do so with a certain claim to enlightened rationality. You could position yourself in the socio-political landscape as a kind of true believer  . . . albeit a believer in absolutely nothing. But that didn’t matter. There were plenty of other true believers in nothing you were going to rub shoulders with on a daily basis. These other eminently respectable non-believers would give you the comfort of seeing yourself reflected back as the cool guy or gal  . . .with the shades and without a skerrik of God stuff. The problem is, that this position is not looking nearly as cool, enlightened or rational as it used to.

Quantumwise, the new and improved God doesn’t demand fear. Maybe it’s time to Awaken The Dreamer. The way in which human evolution unfolds will no doubt surprise us all. Quantumwise . . .there is no necessity to belong to a religion as such and it is more than just a bit uncool to make claims as to what God looks like unless it is in the vaguest and most abstract possible terms. When you think about it this is probably a very good thing. Good that is, if you want some peace and quiet any time before the Earth falls into the Sun.

We can talk about the integration of spirituality and science . . .oh yes . . .and . . .as the true believers in absolutely nothing never fail to point out . . .religion is responsible for more suffering on the planet that anything you could think of etc, etc, etc. Perhaps paradoxically, these naysayers may be right. But that doesn’t mean they are RIGHT! . . .right? It just means they are right about something. As people who believe in absolutely nothing, they can’t claim to be absolutely sure about anything now can they? This would go against their avowed religion. You see . . . atheists have faith. Their faith is in the NO GOD proposition. A proposition just as absurd and unbelievable to the YES GOD Proposition peeps as is the reverse. How do we reconcile such a typically human conundrum? And should we even try? This we would suggest is a key to future human evolution.

Suggestion. Stay open minded to possibility. Observe. Maybe even try out a few technical approaches to the almighty (as it were) with the specific caveat that 1)* if you hold a hidden agenda that there REALLY IS NO GOD . . .then according to the laws of metaphysics – which you have probably banned yourself from considering by the way – according to the laws of metaphysics, if you really believe there is NO GOD and you try some technique or practice to see if GOD exists . . .well, then what that will reveal to you is the confirmation of your belief. Why? Because according to the laws of Metaphysics YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY.

* there is only ONE

Do you see the problem here? Perhaps one thing we all need to do is start to respect each other, but REALLY RESPECT EACH OTHER. Think about it. There is no way of knowing or proving that you are RIGHT apart from subjectively knowing that you are right which is a case of BEING RIGHT! and such people are invariably a pain in the proverbial. But this in no way proves that you are correct as such. On the other hand if it turns out you were wrong all along then the consequences would be quite significant . . .for you. He he . . . although completely inconsequential in the great scheme of things. Which is deeply suggestive of the greater glory of . . . .something. Einstein was a believer in God you know? So what makes you so sure? Are you smarter than Einstein? Your puny ego would like to think so.

Perhaps a key to the integration of spirituality and science, is for those who disagree about the big questions, to start to agree to disagree. But REALLY AGREE. Not just pretend to agree and then go off and secretly feel that John or Mary or Francois is really a deluded so and so because they happen to believe X, Y or Z. In an odd and quirky kind of way this may yet prove to be the key to happiness. Or at least one of the keys. Agree to disagree. Refuse to believe either way. Respect the rights of others to self-determination and join the United Notions of Peace. Only a tyrant would insist on insisting and shut out all other possibilities. Only you can answer this question – for yourself. Quantumwise . . . Is the integration of spirituality and science a key to future human evolution?



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21 09 2011
Foook yoouuuuu matey !!

See David Eagleman – “possibilian” …………..

21 09 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

Dear Fook yoouuuuuu matey !! i think you may need to consider the relationship that you’re setting up with your readers. Foook yoouuuuu matey !! is probably not such a nice handle. BUT . . .i will investigate David Eagleman

21 09 2011
Claude Paul

Hello Good Doctor,
Well thought out and well written (as usual)…
I find myself taking a slightly different tack when dealing with them folk still on the downward curve of descent into matter ie involution (I’ll elucidate in a mo).
Generally my experience with the ‘nay-saying heathens ‘ has been that most are at a stage where Ego ie individuation and seperateness has not yet ‘crystallized’ that is to say they are still in the process as NDW of Conv With God fame might say …they are still in the process of “forgetting What Is” in order to experience “What is NOT”…Good luck to ’em I say ….but of course it might be rightly said that the consequences of such has reached a ‘tipping point’ where the luxury of such seperateness and ego indulgence is threatening to affect everyone and everything on our tiny blue green pearl.
So as part of ‘the “lila” for which us other folk ie the ones awakening to ‘remembering “What Is” have taken incarnation (among other reasons) is to Shake ’em and Wake ’em….Time for the The Big Sleep to end ladies and jerbals!! (my oppinion)
So my approach most of the time is to side-step the whole God issue somewhat and simply adress the question of whether “life ” ie consciousness continues to exist after physical death…this I’ve found is something people who are bent on hanging onto their perception of themselves as ‘scientific and rational” are more open to…+ as we know the after death God encounter is so subjective anyway …and let’s face it trying to tell people that the Ultimate Truth is that they are God trying to forget they are God in order to eventually remember We are all God” is so far out there it often causes the short circuiting of brain synapses and they regress into a Neanderthallic stupor. Then they just get angry and indignant . Game Over.
That’s my approach…there’s lots of material on that subject ie Life after Death in the writings of E. Kubler Ross,Dr Raymond Moody and from more “traditional sources” such as Tibetan Buddhism….and it generally has a more “scientific bent.
No mention of Old men with long white beards dealing out fire and brimstone.+ most people carry around such a ‘charge’ when it comes to any ‘authority figures’ that they can’t help but have a knee jerk reaction at the mere mention of somthing or some-one bigger and more powerful than themselves…Oh yeah long way to go folks!
Viva la evolution’!!
…just thought I’d share that perspective.
May the Force Be With Us.
na Nu Na nu.

21 09 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

Thanks Paul, your comments are certainly thought provoking. I find it telling that this post on Integration of Science and Spirituality has recieved more comments than any other posted.

What I am attempting to achieve with this post is to suggest the usefulness of a platform on which the divided parties can agree to disagree. My purpose is not to brow beat or convince the “heathens”. It is simply to point out to both parties that having an unshakeable belief in either position is simply no longer a smart way to see the universe. Who was the wise person who said . . .that if God didn’t exist it would be necessary to invent (her) him”. If we think of the totality as a Torus without beginning or end but as a kind of vortex, then it is quite possible that we are indeed God (in the past) inventing itself (in the future). Hopefully there is some food for thought.

And yes . . .i personally agree that people who are opposed to the God concept are often acting from their Ego. So how does one maintain a respectful and inclusive relationship with such individuals given that our world views are diametrically opposed?

21 09 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

LOL….Fook youuuu….. 😀 Amuses me anyway. Hey, I’m NOT as smart as Einstein but I’m open, observant, and as respectful as I can be of all the amazing ways humans attempt to awaken, remember, and connect with the mysterious whirling universe! Nice blog 🙂

23 09 2011
Claude Paul

Yeah well I guess the written word can be easily misconstrued …I ll try to be more careful in future.(if I post again)…It was originally meant to be a personal email to Simon and only after being prompted did I post it here….(should have edited) The reference to “nay-saying heathens ” was said jokingly and no disrespect intended to other life forms…including sensitive new age hippies…OOOPS!
On another note seeing as we are on the topic of ‘human evolution’…on all levels including political
This is a very moving speech by Iranian President at the UN last night…very refreshing to see a world leader serving it up to those that have (and still seek) to dominate and enslave humanity….
Worth a look ..
Sorry you’ll have to copy and paste

23 09 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

WELL gosh it’s Mr Ahmadinejad. Possibly not the best Public Relations spokesperson for the case against American imperialism. We give everyone a fair hearing at Dr Quantum’s blog. Mash it up Mahmoud and keep the bass lines FUNKY . . . .yeahhhhhhh

14 10 2011
articles of technology

I just added this webpage to my feed reader, great stuff. Cannot get enough!

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