Destruction of Planetary Living Systems – Mass Extinction Event

29 09 2011

Mass Extinction Event – This is How it Happens

Endangered Amazon River Dolphins

According to scientific reports we are living through a mass extinction event. How does it happen? The basic number for the rate of extinction of species in the planetary biosphere is clear. The extinction rate of SPECIES has increased since the early 1990’s from around 1 per hour to around 3 per hour at present. The current unrest in Bolivia where indigenous peoples were beaten, sprayed and arrested by police on the weekend is an outstanding example.  This is how it happens: despite Bolivian indigenous leader – Evo Morales – having been recently installed on the throne  . . .oops in the presidency, the destruction of indigenous forests needs to continue for the greater good. Mass Extinction Event – This is How it Happens

Hmmm. So humans are at war with their own biosphere. Morales recently decided that a highway to go right through a section of forest dear to the heart of the indigenous, was necessary because of the economic benefit it would bring the country.  The feeling at the top is that connecting Bolivia to Brazil will be vital to the economic health, future and prosperity of the country, even if it means attacking the life of the biosphere to do it. Like we said at the start – mass extinction event – this is how it happens. We are living through one of the most critical events in the history of our world right now. Dr Quantum reckons . . .you should do something about this personally. Even if it’s just taking a few minutes to light a candle, or send a letter,talk about how you feel with a friend or . . . feel your feelings and have a good cry about what’s happening.

Note: Regarding the highway through the amazon…if anyone wishes to sign a petition against the insanity, here’s the link:    thanks to Clea Rose for providing that link which she has posted in the comments section

At the root of how it happens is what can be referred to as the trance of consumerism. This trance is created, maintained and supported by the voracious appetite of the so-called developed cultures for an endless supply of crap; for an endless supply of too much stuff; for economic growth regardless of the costs to indigenous culture, flora & fauna and their sad demise at the hands of insane brutalists. Crooked and misguided industrialists, politicians, police . . .Alan Jones and sundry gangsters. Mass Extinction Event – This is How it Happens

So many of the cultural rituals about how we define and understand ourselves are embedded and perpetuated by the trance of consumerism. Christmas: go out and buy crap that people don’t want and then go and give it to people you love to celebrate the birth of our Lord. What is wrong with this picture? You want to tell those closest to you that you really, really love ’em. Buy ’em something. The more expensive and designer it is the better. Kids. Gimme, gimme, gimme. I want some stuff. Why? Because i am in a trance about stuff. I am having a love affair with stuff; too much stuff. And while we’re at it, just to continue to prop up the system of stuff, let’s start a war with some brown skinned people. (Not the white ones now!) Hey . . .we’ll maim a few kids and cripple and kill some old people going about their business – people who haven’t got much stuff at all – but we’re doing it to keep the world free from terrorism. And furthermore. . .i am going to convince you this is true. Quick! Get Murdoch on the line.

The truth is too terrible to contemplate isn’t it? So don’t even bother. Just have a few drinks and it will all go away. But how about that dude from South Africa who went ballistic on-air recently and just basically told them all to get F%#&ed. Good on him. Here’s his rant just in case you missed it.

Ignore it and it will go away – Mass Extinction Event – This is How it Happens



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30 09 2011
Clea Rose

Regarding the highway through the amazon…if anyone wishes to sign a petition against the insanity, here’s the link:

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