The Biosphere – What’s Your Plan?

1 10 2011

A Thin Film of Life called the Biosphere

What's You Plan for the Biosphere?

The evolution of the world takes place in a thin film of life called the biosphere. All the species of animals and plants have grown into the flowering of this dance, it’s where we live . . .the biosphere. You can shed a tear. It has been said that the way in which we are destroying the living treasures of our living life support system on Space Ship Earth to fuel economic growth is like burning old masters oil paintings to stay warm in winter. Actually it’s worse than that. Firstly old masters oil paintings don’t feel a thing when you burn them. Secondly if you burn old masters oil paintings you are not punching holes in your life raft out in the deep ocean. So what deep ocean are we in? We are, if you didn’t already know, spinning around in the inky blackness of space with just the biosphere between us and the eternal beyond. This is indeed your current location. Meditate on it if you will.

Yes we live in a thin film of life called the biosphere and it is our cosmic womb, our mother’s cradle from where we can peer out into the vastness protected by the safety of mama and imagine what we might one day become. We are currently orbiting a rather bright spark of cosmic joy and happiness whom we refer to variously as the Sun, Ra, Zuvan, Shams, Chamania, Intina . . . and it is fascinating to consider that the sun shines its light freely for all. The fact that many ancient cultures consider the Sun and Mother Earth to be living beings must certainly give pause for reflection. While scientists must first establish perpendicular proof for their announcements about how they understand reality to be constructed, the human heart is full of imagination, mystery, poetry and love.

We swim in the warm circle of the heart, we are cradled in the ovoid cosmic egg. The heart does not wait for proof from the periodic table of elements but finds its own proof from the periodic ability of deeper understanding. But where does this leave the love struck poet of infinity when confronted by the State-run vault of iron clad beliefs? It can seem like a heartless concrete edifice of facts which confronts the inspired adventurer on the path to protect and liberate possums, trees, dolphins, koala bears, Redwood Trees and Honey Throated Warblers and indeed people.

Deep Ecology as a social movement is now gaining ground. It gives people access to a connection with nature that sitting on hard pews has mostly and profoundly lacked. This is not an argument against Christianity. And as Shakespeare has commented: There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are even dreamt of in your philosophy. Yes we live in a thin film of life called the biosphere and people are starting not only to hug trees but to gain deeper meaning for their lives. From hugging trees and verily communing with nature in a more profound way and helping others have such an experience. Such profound and direct experience can engender much change in this world. You may have heard of Joanna Macey a Buddhist and Deep Ecologist. But have you heard of the likes of Bill & Lynne Twist?

Many people are now having a profound experience of meaning and purpose through a movement Bill & Lynne Twist have championed: Awakening The Dreamer Changind the Dream Symposium. That movement has reached Australia and our local chapter is called Be The Change. One of their goals is to deliver the Symposium to 200,000 Australians. You can check out Awakening The Dreamer ORG here & FYi you can view a short video right up in the top left hand corner of that website.

Here’s Lynne Twist talking about the Poetry of Gratefulness.  We Live in a thin film of life called the biosphere – what’s your plan?



2 responses

1 10 2011
Clea Rose

well put Dr. Quantum, enjoyed this one. The video was a beautiful explanation of gratitude also! Lovely!!

1 10 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

Thanks Clea – yeah I really loved that explanation of Gratitude and Great – fullness. He he. Glad you enjoyed it

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