Occupy Wall Street – The Tsunami we had to Have?

15 10 2011

Repositioning The Greed

The tsunami we had to have?

The mainstream media have been quick to identify the Occupy Wall Street movement as being aimless, but few mainstream journalists are openly identifying this emergence of global action and protest as possibly the tsunami we had to have.

One could be excused for thinking that the Occupy movement is a long overdue expression of personal and collective frustration at corruption, greed, inequality, apathy and creeping fascism. But excused by who? Perhaps not the spokespersons and agents within mainstream media and the rabid right wing in the USA called the Tea party and in Australia . . Alan Jones (he gets his own special category). Why is it so? And while you consider the answer to this question Make sure you see Professor Cornell West (Princeton) in a short clip at the end of this post talking at Harvard Law School. Professor West was one of Obama’s special black advisers.

Many journalists are reporting on the swirling mass of humanity rising up in over a thousand cities worldwide. According to reports the mob are apparently leaderless and lacking in focus but . . . . they continue to surge forward and swirl around. Some of the poor dears of the mainstream media are having a hard time coming to terms with it all. It seems they fail to draw the obvious comparisons with seismic global events of late that resulted in devastating oceanic movements. It’s called a tsunami – literally Harbour Wave. As we have seen, if you don’t move yourself to higher ground when one of these events is bearing down, you may well drown in the irresistible and chaotic flood.

Is this The Tsunami we had to have now rapidly bearing down on the sleepy little coastal village of cosy capitalism? Extending the metaphor this is one way that glib, glib, glib turns into glub, glub, glub. Man proposes and the ocean disposes. Well . . . the great and graceful ocean will not be mocked though many have seen fit to ignore this ancient wisdom. Prediction: We will see various captains of industry and the spin doctor toadies of corporate PR scrambling to re-position their exclusive bretheren to higher ground. At the moment it is easy to imagine that this Tsunami will prove to be a catastrophic change event we sorely need right about now. If so you can count it as being blessedly merciful, because if it’s not this event that knocks down the rotten constructions dotting our low-lying countryside then the next shocks – and there will be a series of them – will be worse.  And so it will go untill the power-lock people decide to turn the key towards liberty, equality and fraternity. Where have I heard that before? it has a nice ring to it.
Perhaps as the everyday people realize ever more clearly that indeed we are the power-lock people – the 99% we will release our own shackles. Quantum-wise (spiritually speaking?) this must be the deeper truth. It has been said that when the people lead the leaders will follow. Some do insist on being dragged screaming it seems – so undignified! Nevertheless – Praise the Lord it sure looks like the tsunami we had to have is the idea whose time has come.



2 responses

15 10 2011
Frances Amaroux

Eloquently put Dr Quantum !

15 10 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

Thanks Ms Amaroux. Have you checked out Dr Cornell West?

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