The Butterfly Effect and Consciousness – The Ah Ha!

23 10 2011

The fractal Atom reverberates to infinity – it’s where we live – ah ha!

Butterfly Effect – the Ah Ha! Moment

You know what it is. That amazing and perennial moment of cosmic joy inwardly expressed. The Ah Ha! Moment. If you haven’t had one yet you can rush right down to Target where they have them on special. It’s called the Ah Ha! Ha Ha they are 100% mold-formed happy plastic and come in a variety of colours for only $49.95 each. There’s an iPhone app that’s coming soon. Knock your self out. Oh Yes! I am kidding. You can’t buy one of these things. Though many have tried. The butterfly effect is easily experienced and it would seem easily avoided. It is the Ah Ha! moment But why is it so? Read on.

The Butterfly Effect (Chaos theory)  is profoundly all about the evolutionary missing link except instead of looking backwards to the ape, monkey and so forth, Chaos Theory and the Butterfly Effect provide plenty of evolutionary clues going forward. And it’s the Ah Ha! moment that describes Choas Theory rather elegantly for this purpose in human terms.

Instant Change

The Butterfly Effect describes in very simple terms a cyclical pattern of operations that was steady but suddenly changes! This sudden deviation from the predictable norm is what may be a small realisation in the great scheme of things but, and here’s the kicker, the huge difference in outcomes over time between continuing with the pre-existing state or moving along with the new – albeit minute – changed state is what can make all the difference in the world.  If it’s true that most people don’t think. . . they just rearrange their prejudices then the Ah Ha! moment is the opportunity window to actually start thinking.  A fertile place of creative miraculousness. A wise peson once said that change can happen instantly but growth takes forever. Instant change, while perhaps minute initially can present vast differences over time.

Explore Your Ah Ha! Moments

This is why Dr Quantum and many others besides recommends that one keep a notebook handy. Apologies in advance but the long-term benefit to humany and perhaps even multi-dimesnsional beings reading this post . . .may outweigh the boring nature of its instructionalism. Gee, what can i tell ya? If you have a great idea – the ah ha! moment – Write it down! Write it down! Write it down! Go ahead and say it for five minutes to get it right into your cells.

“Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.” – Anonymous

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Writing it down is your butterfly net. Now you can become a Butterfly Effect Collector. Your great ideas are your Ah Ha! moments. As you trip gaily through the upper paddocks and meadows of the mind you may experience the butterfly effect – the Ah ha! moment.



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7 11 2011

Ahhh! So many ah hah moments! Thank you for envibing me to document it. And thanks to the profound Grace of the Divine [or whatever pleases you to call it] for giving me so many ah hah’s to fill a book or two or three!

7 11 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

Irene such a pleasure to see your footprints and mind clues here in the paddock of infinity. Butterfly catching for beginners – that’s us!

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