You Can’t Save Others . . .

26 10 2011

The Secret Service Bond

The secret sauce is service

Nine out of ten spiritual Gurus agree. The secret sauce is service. You see, you can’t save others, you can really only save yourself and serve others. But what does that actually mean? Does it mean that you must present as a volunteer at St Vincent De Paul? Do you need to become a regular helper at your local soup kitchen? Maybe, but many such volunteer institutions do get a lot of people wanting to serve, volunteer and help out. In fact, apparently 30% of Australians are regular or semi-regular volunteers. In Australia the needy may be almost comically in danger of being loved to death.

This brings up the essential right-wing agenda. According to the conservative doctrine if you help others too much you are actually doing them a dis-service because you are robbing them of the opportunity to develop, evolve and blossom as competent, creative and whole human beings. Oh – My – God. The simplicity of this other . . .shall we say flip-side point of view is almost perpendicular in it’s brutality. No imagination. So Left or Right? Which door do you choose? Hmmm, maybe there’s a third possibility. Spiral DNA.

We live today in a world that demands complex solutions, multi-dimensional awareness, pluralistic points of view. Einstein has famously remarked that there is nothing more beautiful than the mysterious.  It seems the rapidly changing and evolving world in which we live, shuddering and shaking as it is, is extending to us all the opportunity to grow into a new dimension. We may now take a leap into the luminous unknown, into the mysterious, and experience that which is beyond the dualism of polarity and be united, in a very practical sense with the oneness. The world is full of people these days who if you push them,will tell you they worship the oneness. They may not say it quite like that though. Whatever bank you choose, it pays to remember, nine out ot ten spiritual gurus agree – the secret sauce is service.



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27 10 2011
Foook yoouuuuu matey !!

Nice ……… !

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