Corporations – Why we MUST Resist Them

2 11 2011

Mike Daisey Must be Heard

Sleeping with the Enemy

Mike Daisey delivers wickedly brilliant and subversive monologues. Previously this post featured – Sleeping with the Enemy. That video is now longer available on ABC iViews so a short Daisey piece on Apple Computers and how they are made has been added instead.

Mike is the master story teller of our age – he is . . .right now . . .the voice. He must be heard. He’s the guy who delivers wickedly subversive monologues – the most recent being about the Apple Corporation and how their products are made by workers suffering such terrible conditions that they have to put nets around the building to catch people jumping out in a bid to commit suicide.

Mike Daisey is a riveting solo performer. One of his performances you will not catch on You Tube is his monologue at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas recorded at the Sydney Opera House. This was aired on Australian free to air government TV our very own Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Here is Mike Daisey in full inimitable flight on the inherent inhumanity of the corporation and why we MUST resist. It’s a dangerous idea for sure and if you care about the future a must-view presentation of an important Dangerous Idea.



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