Circles of The Secret Earth

16 11 2011

We Are Irrevocably Interconnected

Jade Moon - Artist, Art Model, Dancer, Diva & You Tube Creative

Received an invitation today from You Tube creative fullmoonjade to join her You Tube Channel which she calls appropriately enough Jade Moon. Very poetic and wonderful and lovely. We are irrevocably interconnected. Often these invitations feature contents that are, how to say? . . . not my flavour! But I clicked on the link to discover that Jade Moon describes herself as Artist, Art Model, Dancer, Diva. Well . . .cool. So I had a quick look and listen at a short piece titled Arc of The Mystic Heart and was more than just pleasantly surprised. Yes it seems we are irrevocably interconnected. It features beautiful mandala artwork and original electronic music. And here it is now . . .

Well . . . isn’t this the kind of artistic and community sharing content that beats the dusty rug out of most of the slick but soulless and mind-numbing crap you see on “professional TV”? One is reminded that amateurs built the Ark and experts built the Titanic. Exactly. Jade Moon gives us the irrevocably interconnected televisual equivalent of an Ark. Her content provider is a subversive and therefore positively dangerous looking dude by the Tag of North Poet who turns out to be poet, video artist, musician and ( i have to say it) gratuitous sunglasses wearing dude J K Salmon. J K also owns a natty collection of hats and caps. The title of this blog Circles of the Secret Earth is the title from one of his pieces. And now we are irrevocably interconnected. J K Salmon is also in nearly every video, doing what looks like T’ai chi with various tone reversals, overlays, text, textures and some cool settings including what is possibly his front porch. Associated with North poet / JK Salmon is a resourceful group of Artists, Poets and Art Divas who seem linked together in a circle of You Tube channels.

The mandala pieces featuring artwork by JK and without JK doing T’ai Chi were my favourites. But here’s the thing . Amateurs built the Arc, experts built the Titanic. Here is a fabulous example of what a community can conceive, produce and share by way of content probably shot and edited on equipment that most people could get their hands on if they wanted to. In other words you could probably do similar levels of production and output yourself.

And while looking for Jade Moon’s channel I bumped into a truly amazing stills sequence of Earth from an orbiting satellite that resonates just beautifully with the title Circles of The Secret Earth, i would love to share it with you. It seems we are irrevocably interconnected.




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