Poem: Signed, Khalil Gibran

23 11 2011

The Prophet - Khalil Gibran

An electric field of sensation networked through primal flesh

abandons logic to complete a circuit

The Delta Android drone sent a message . . .Hi Moma!

as lasers slice through a village of rebels high up in the mountains

Rebels against the empire; against the end of reason

Against the future of no return

Mediaeval hold-outs picking up donkey dung

on hard flinty mountain passes

bow to the creator of infinite resonance and reason

Somewhere a Hollywood starlet is deflowered for the third time

by a member of the United States House of Representatives

on a clandestine visit to the secret zone; the secret society

The Secret Secret Secret

making maps from rocket fuel vapours

Re-writing history and the flagrant capers that made the papers and stalled the inevitable exquisitely timed demise of one more political pawn believing in nothing but himself but praying for innocent golden haired children whom he imagines to be exclusively his own

Note: Your children are not your children

Signed, Khalil Gibran



One response

24 11 2011

I just LOVE the poem and I love the Rumi poem in video images…..thanks Doc 😉

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