Quantum Self-Transformation

27 11 2011

Quantum Flower of Life - Elegant Connections

The Observer Changed The Universe Just by Observing

The Double Slit experiment is one of the holy shrines of Quantum Theory. You may have heard of it. The Observer Changed The Universe Just by Observing. People wanting to understand the mysteries of the Quantum Goddess come here to the shrine to pay attention in the hope of exchanging ignorance for enlightenment. You can investigate the (quantum) mechanics of the double slit experiment in many places Web Teleport here(different Dr Quantum). Yes, apparently and mysteriously the observer changed the Universe . . .just by observing.

The double slit experiment opens the door a crack on Quantum Theory, for it is deeply mysterious. But what has all this got to do with us and our lives in the real world? Good question. This answer may astound you: pretty much everything. The double slit bottom line  is that energy can behave as either a particle or a wave, but according to conventional wisdom not both at the same time. Apparently the particle or wave? game changer is whether or not the shy little energy is being observed. Hmmm. So have a thoughtful tug on your beard or rub of your beads and lets change everything. Ready?

As we observe the world we create a myriad of possibilities. Then unless we are couch potatoes El Grande we go into action to REALize some aspect of the possibilities we have observed. It could be described or mapped like this. Observation > Comprehension of possibility > Plan > Action > Outcome > New Observation > New possibility  . . .etc, etc. On and on it goes. The problem? What we can end up with as a result of this pattern are a fair number of loose ends and old stories about why things don’t work. Edison who apparently invented the light bulb famously said that he had discovered two thousand ways in which the incandescent light bulb would NOT work, and that helped him discover what WOULD work. Very scientific.

Many spiritual teachers highlight the importance of self-observation. Perhaps if you observe your own negative pattern(s) you will collapse the wave of potential . . .or the power of it. But observing is different from obsessing. When you observe you collapse the wave. When you obsess you MAKE REAL. Big difference. So here’s the thing . . .you really only need to observe the pattern to change it. Don’t give it any more energy than is required to just see it there. Then as quickly as you like just decide what alternative coherence (story) you would like in its place. One branch of Quantum Theory – String Theory, or even Super String Theory (the new & improved version) shows us how all things in the universe are indeed connected multi-dimensionally. What’s great is that The Observer Changed The Universe Just by Observing.

So if you want to change the world, start by observing what’s going on.

Note: The You Tube vid below is presented by another Dr Quantum – not the Dr Quantum of this Blog.

In order to transform yourself, indeed the world, it may therefore be enormously helpful and empowering to sort out the various beliefs, positions, sub-programs, sabotage routines and counter-vailing measures you have running in any area of your life. Why? Because once you have identified the various patterns and associated stories – you have running you can chose to collapse them. Huh! You could call that new space ready for your creative impulse a clearing. And in the magical clearing in the forest of things it is possible to create outcomes that look like miracles.  The Observer Changed The Universe Just by Observing.



4 responses

27 11 2011

Don’t preach to the converted,Dr, Expnd your parameters.:)

27 11 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

You will have to be more precise with your feedback. Apparently you have observed something. What wave of possibility did you collapse sir? And pray tell precisely what specificity do you now seek to make real through the transformative powers of your Quantum Miraculousness?

27 11 2011

Brilliant…………… this shows simply how powerful we are! The Buddhists, “be vigilant in observation” etc becomes clearer. We are the moulders & manipulators of existence……………… this is our play ground…………….Let play ball! Mindfully………. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

27 11 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

Quite so John. Your joy & enthusiasm expresses i believe the original unfettered delight of the creative impulse

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