What is a HIGM?

30 11 2011

CHOIR sings Hymns

High Impact Global Meme (PRON: hymn)

The HIGM is a High Impact Global Meme.

Of course a HIGM can be sung in a CHOIR . . .which stands for

Collective HIGM Overdrive for Infinite Resonance. A good example is We are the 99%, another one, which is aimed at halting the PPM (parts per million) of Carbon Dioxide is 350 or BUST. Even Nike and their Just Do It is a global meme. Admittedly they spent millions on it. But is it high impact? Maybe. Occupy along with We are the 99% seem to have become a HIGM – a High Impact Global Meme.

Before Coca Cola invented the red & white Santa Claus the jolly fat man of Christmas was just a jolly fat saint . . .ha! I mean . . .you don’t see many fat saints. Anyway Santa Claus . . .definitely a High Impact Global Meme. It’s appropriate that we pronounce HIGM as Hymn. The same as a song to be sung in a congregation except it’s a HIGM and the congregation is a Collective HIGM Overdrive for Infinite Resonance.

Here’s a few New Age HIGMs for consideration

You Create Your Own Reality

All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing. (Edmund Burke)

What Goes around comes around

It is what it is

Google it . . .

Love makes the world go round

E = MC2

The Collective HIGM Overdrive

Y’see none of those phrases existed say . . .200 years ago, even 50 years ago most of them didn’t exist. They are all examples of High impact Global Memes. Now a group of people with something to say intentionally generating HIGMs, that could be called a CHOIR  Collective (or collaborative) HIGM Overdrive for Infinite Resonance . . . gee maybe HIGM is a High Impact Global Meme . . .i wonder




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