Mysteries of the Quantum

4 12 2011

God's Official Drivers License Photo

God this is Your Cue

To find a charge that will arc across from the tower of bald headed stubborn materialism and connect with the deeply mysterious Orb of spirituality, thus integrating our understanding of both has been getting easier and easier. God this is your cue. A lazy person needs only nod at the disturbing findings of Quantum Theorists and the parallels of  spiritual commentators down the ages. There it is! The big give-away clue to the existence of what spiritual teachers have been saying all along.

All things are connected. God this is your cue. While this does not prove the existence of God it positively shouts of a Meta-Physics. In addition the findings of Quantum theory – that all things are connected – opens the very real possibility that God may indeed exist. Never mind the Buddhists who insist that God is not necessary. To save yourself from suffering simply stop behaving badly. Fair point – if only you could see it.

Within the vast and unimaginable realms of what Bohm Calls The Implicate Order there is ample room for Gods and Goddesses to be breathing universes out of the pores of their skin and back in again while sleeping, while dreaming, without missing a beat. God this is your cue, is indeed one view put forward in the ancient scriptures. It is time for people of adequate intellect to simply allow if they have not already done so, the validity of the other-worldly possibility and relinquish the sceptical refuge that their egos cling to, uncomfortable as it may at first seem. God this is your cue.

God could well exist. It is a very real possibility. Given all that we know, all that we have seen, heard and been shown, anyone who clings to the sceptical notion that metaphysical phenomenon must remain guilty till proven real must be categorised as, well, (there must be a more diplomatic way of putting this) as closed minded  . . . sorry. So please God speak to us now through Amit Goswami the great Quantum Physicist – God this is your cue.



One response

4 12 2011

I find all this preoccupation with god very,very flattering! Oh! For god sake Dr Quantum,you must surely know by now that I am the “Immaculate,conceptulised,transubstantiated & transmogrified apotheosis”..

And as Arthur Miller once said.
“Mans craving for immortality is just as futile as carving your name on an ice block on a hot summers day”.:)

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