Busting Out of The Quantum Hologram

23 12 2011

Buddha Views The Christmas Gift of a Quantum Hologram

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Freedom and Entanglement

Quantum theory says we are bound up in the world through a Quantum Hologram which is filtered into our consciousness by the medium of our brains. It’s a game of freedom and entanglement. Eastern mysticism, specifically Vedic (or Indian) culture talks of deep entanglement with the world as Samsara. Samsara means being bound into the lowest cycles of vibratory existence – what we refer to as our universe – and the associated problem of having to be born again and again . . .and having to die . . .again and again. It’s a bum rap with absolutely no prospect of escape save through the Cosmic Board of Parole. You can’t bust out of the Cosmic slam in some sort of Hollywood style bid for freedom. You have to get Moksha – liberation. No wonder the Birdman of Alcatraz and other prisoner movies have such deep appeal for the human psyche. The prisoner is us. Plenty of time to play the game of freedom and entanglement

You could say we have been thrown into a cosmic dungeon. And here we are. One is reminded of Brian in that hilarious scene from the Life Of Brian movie being thrown into a Dungeon and spat on by a Roman soldier. And in that prison, shackled to the dank wall is an incredibly bedraggled, bearded old man. Brian complains – that Roman soldier spat on me! The old man replies, speaking of course from his own experience: What I wouldn’t give to be spat on! Einsteinian Relativity at it’s comedic best. It’s a game of freedom and entanglement. This is the point where theory intersects with the human phenomena of consciousness. Laugh if you want to. and hey .. .you might as well. It’s free and produces happy endorphins apparently.

One way of looking at our prison, our dungeon our Samsara of being born and having to die again and again is to simply reframe the whole prison thing and call it a game, an adventure a learning experience. It’s a game of freedom and entanglement.  From a Quantum perspective this sounds pretty good because in Quantum Philosophy as in New Age philosophy . . .you create your own reality. The Pundits of Quantum theory will of course quibble over the New Age-ness of this proposition – you must understand, no sober pontificating scientist wants to be upstaged by some lunatic crystal waving New Agers. Even if they happen to be correct. But then they will all say the same thing in their scientific language. You collapse the wave and produce . . .the specific experience of the particle and a whole universe. You create your own reality! Go on  . . . you know you want to.

But here’s the thing: what all the interesting commentators in the Quantum Philosophy field are now talking about, and talking about . . .and talking about, is the very fact of consciousness as being the real thing at the root of matter . . .and not the other way around. As you are entangled in the Quantum Hologram if you really want to play the cosmic game and get free of the Samsara of birth and death (you will warm to this proposition whenever you find it’s time to die) it can be done efficiently and effectively at the level of consciousness. So what’s this got to do with L-O-V-E  . . . LOVE! Everything of course. It’s what all the Gurus are talking about these days. Well . . it is Christmas after all. Celebrate the Groove-meister. Love is the answer and it will get you free of the prison. Play that funky music!. It’s a game of freedom and entanglement . . . the adventure of busting loose.



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