Painting With Light

27 01 2012

The Light We See is Our Creation

Buddha In The Earth Garden

The light we choose to make real. That is a fascinating thing. As every living being is a representative of the original light of consciousness, of love of awareness . . .then the light we choose to make real is an act of creative becoming. It is what we declare ourselves to be. The basic coded imprint of who we are being can vary greatly. If you are any kind of photographer – literally grapher, or recorder of light – then you will understand the vast differences that the variables can have on the final picture. The New Age mantra for the self generating production of reality is . . .you create your own reality. This is undoubtedly a multi-dimensional proposition. Maybe you decided – roughly speaking what you wanted to accomplish before you entered this realm at physical birth. Maybe you as your higher self is involved in the process on an ongoing basis and perhaps you get to have an enourmous amount of impact on your experience through accenting the variables as you go.

Playing around with my iPhone as a camera I can get hugely different results in Photoshop Express (free download App) just by adjusting the exposure, saturation and contrast, as well as a few other nifty effects that are there for the using. All I have do do is touch a couple of buttons on the phone when I am in edit mode. Which leads us philosophically to the question: How do you get your own life into edit mode? I think it’s called coaching. Either that or you can leap out of bed at 5am and have a cold shower. That should wake you up on any given day.

According to our choices the light that is reflected from any given event can vary greatly. What then do we choose to make real? The light we see is our creation.

The Light We See and how we Choose to see it – is a Creative Act



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