Mining Magnate buys major stake in Fairfax Media

4 02 2012

Something Fishy Going on in Shadowland - If you see something say something

It Seems the THRIVE MOVIE is right about controlling elites

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Mining magnate Gina Rinehart has just bought a major stake in Fairfax media — in a bid that could turn The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald into mouthpieces for climate denial to protect her mining interests. But together we can foil her plan.

Rinehart has already bought Channel Ten’s agenda — and Australia’s ownership restrictions need urgent reform to end her latest assault on Fairfax. The media inquiry that Avaaz members helped win is just weeks away from reporting, and provides the government with the crucial chance to act. Communications Minister Stephen Conroy is supportive of stronger ownership limits — but he needs a community outcry to get the whole government on board.

Sign the petition to Minister Conroy now to ensure a mogul-free Australian media. When the petition reaches 50,000 signatures, we’ll spectacularly deliver the massive message in Canberra:

Gina Rinehart is Australia’s richest person, and she’s poised to buy political influence. Her campaign against the mining tax lead directly to the sacking of former PM Kevin Rudd — just a taste of the power she could wield through total media control. This is a woman who wants to use nuclear bombs to blast even larger open-cut mines, supports WA seceding from Australia, and bankrolls climate change denial.

Rinehart now owns almost 15% of Fairfax, and past actions suggest her plan is to use this control to push her extreme views. She has already made her mark at Channel Ten — with 10% ownership of the TV network, she’s quickly installed herself on the board and was reportedly behind the divisive Andrew Bolt being given his own show. As Murdoch’s only newspaper competition, loosing Fairfax to another extremist media mogul would be a huge blow to Australian democracy.

To stop media moguls and clean up our media, we desperately need stronger ownership limits, a ‘fit and proper person’ test for use of public airwaves, and a strong and independent media regulator. We’ve already succeeded in establishing the inquiry and pushing it to make strong recommendations — but only our pressure can ensure the government listens to the people instead of the moguls. Let’s give Minister Conroy the support he needs to put a stop to damaging media moguls — sign the petition now:

Avaaz members around the world have played a key role in reeling in Murdoch’s damaging media empire, stopping his massive BSkyB takeover bid in the UK and ending his attempted $223 million robbery of the Australia Network from the ABC. Now, we have the chance to institute protections to end media moguls for good.

With hope,

Emma, Ben, Paul, Dalia, Rich and the whole Avaaz team.


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One response

4 02 2012
Clea Rose

Petition signed. My God it’s scary to have that much money in the hands of (what appears to be) an unconscious, greedy, twirp. (/baby elephant).

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