Big News About The Element of Water

5 02 2012

Water - Time to Get Wet

It all about the element of water right now

According to Western astrology the ruler of Pisces – Neptune – has just re-entered Pisces where it will reside for fourteen years – till 2026. In classical terms we can expect a greater opening of the heart and greater emphasis on all things to do with the emotions. Astrolgers are predicting some amazing changes to do with the dissolving of structure(s).

Neptune into Pisces is big news for Astrologers to be sure and could mean big news for humanity. Steven Forrest is an astrologer’s astrologer. “Before we traded community with each other for shopping malls  . . . we had pandora” (the world in the movie Avatar)

So here’s the big news from the astrologer of the moment. Pour yourself a cool iced mint tea with a twist of lime and float with the tide. It’s all about the element of water right now . . .




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6 02 2012

hey there brother…I’ve been catching up with your blog a bit lately since I’m a little earth bound right now……thanks so much for the SHARE… the Neptune in Pisces rave…I thought it was quite conservative really….I am having such a DIVINE transcendent time….almost too much bliss….painting and re=creating my life in VERY beautiful ways!!
hope you’re exceptional!!!

6 02 2012
DR Quantum's Blog

Hi Avalyn, glad you liked this post actually as it IS BIG NEWS. Wow!!! Neptune into Pisces for the first time in our lives. It will be really interesting to see what this new energy ushers in for humanity. I daresay it will be pretty huge. We have these record floods coming up around outback QLD & NSW. Right on cue. I am imagining this is just the curtain raiser.

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