The Holographic Geodesic Fractal Universe for Hipsters

12 02 2012

The Shadow Play Theatre

The Universe Is Holographic

According to some sources of commentary on the nature of reality it is possible that we live in a hologram. That is to say that the universe is holographic. If you are still plugged into the conventional matrix then this is a most pleasantly interesting; a novel and  bizarre thought. The implication is that from some higher level in the hierarchy of values  – according to this type of science – your existence is a holographic projection of a version of you that is actually two dimensional, gee even perhaps one dimensional? Whoa! Wait a minute. How could we be one dimensional? Well hipsters let’s face it we all know a few one dimensional people . . .right? Then join the dots.The universe is holographic

But here’s what’s really fascinating. If we are a projection of a version of us that is one or two dimensional, then the broader and expanded perspective in which we live – that of pure quantum consciousness – is complex powerful and multi-dimensional in a way that is the opposite of the two dimensional version of who we are. We may be a bunch of mere cardboard cut out dolls whose shadows are being reflected onto the screen of the holographic universe . . .but what is the light source in which resides the real generating power to keep the show going? That is one question which is excellent good for philosophising as you stroll in solitude along the windswept coast of Cornwall or some other suitably dramatic place of profound cogitation. I predict that you will be shocked to one day learn that this very cosmic light that generates your cosmic universe was actually generated from the discount torch held by your good friend Ali Mus Clubba Fungi Holy Rabbit Smenckle Regringbrithanitwati Swingle Pootle Smigle Sneezy Plingle Twood. . . .the 3rd. But his friends just call him Ali as you do in the 12th dimensional timeless oasis of Shra, deep in the valley of the Cumquats. Such is the nature of life dear hipsters. And no i haven’t been taking drugs. Why do people keep asking that? Hey . . .the universe is holographic.

This may all sound odd, strange and peculiar, so let me just set you straight. This is EXACTLY what’s going on, and one day you will realise it all at once in a brilliant FLASH of illumination and be amazed. Until then . . .keep your hair on and don’t talk to strangers with polka dot ties. They are all holographic robots and hey. . .the universe is holographic . . .  Now . . .once you have had your flash of illumination you will get to make a choice. Do you continue on into the higher dimensions of infinite ecstasy, pleasure, love fun and higher dimensional games or do you, through compassion come back into the darkness of limited consciousness to this world of two dimensional insanity and endless hellish paradox to attempt, through your infinite love to awaken the souls who are stuck on the wheel of reincarnation; of samsara??? Remembering all the while that if you do try to wake them up they will hate you for it. Holy crap! Where’s the exit? Everywhere! Hey . . .the universe is holographic!




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