Barista Malfunction Causes Peak Hour Chaos

17 02 2012

Fair Trade Organic Espresso - It's the Future

Time to start really getting inside the future and what works

So there I was waiting for my morning coffee- and the Barista did something rather odd. He put a couple of spoons of ground coffee into a cup and then poured in hot water.Hmmm.Time to start really getting inside the future and what works

Both myself and a perplexed customer were witnessing this performance when the owner happened by. The poor Barista! He knew that the coffee wasn’t looking right but – being under pressure – he just couldn’t figure out why the darn coffee wasn’t dissolving. Obviously his first day, possibly his first five minutes. There was a hurried training session in how to fill, tamp and attach the porta filter to the Head. The customers started backing up out the door with some turning away at the prospect of a long wait. And it got me thinking. Time to start really getting inside the future and what works

You see a cafe espresso machine is a sophisticated system that when handled and operated correctly can produce a caffeinated beverage capable of bringing great pleasure, upliftment – even feelings of euphoria to those fortunate enough. What works is what works. Uh huh! Handled incorrectly the result is less than pleasing – it’s downright disgusting. Dis-gusting meaning literally putting you off wanting to drink it. Its like the systems of the world and right now it’s time to start really getting inside the future and what works

The instant coffee system was something that enjoyed massive popularity once upon a time because it was cheap, convenient and  . . .well it was cheap and convenient anyway. But once upwardly mobile folks discovered real brewed and espresso coffee over the last generation or two, there was no going back. Personally I cannot tolerate instant coffee these days. Instant has not passed my lips for over ten years. Instant coffee sucks.

So what’s up with the cheap instant social processes that the pie headed fat controllers are still trying to serve up to us? Boo to instant cheap social processes. Boo to instant cheap supermarket food. Boo to instant cheap medical care. Boo to instant cheap democracy. Etc, etc, etc. It’s time for the instant social processes tribe to learn how to make a decent cuppa. The problem is that when they decide to get cool, hip and organic they can then do the equivalent of pouring hot water on ground beans. And the reason people reject this approach is because it’s disgusting. Pie headed fat controllers please take note.Maybe it’s time to come to terms with Complex Adaptive Living Systems (click here). Time to start really getting inside the future and what works.



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