The Pairs of Opposites – You Must be Jesting!

20 02 2012

Jester the Dog - The Ears Have It

It’s all a Bit Much for a Dog

Somewhere in a leafy suburb of Brisbane lives Jester the dog. As soon as you meet Jester it is immediately obvious how he came by his name. Firstly he has a long face which is ridiculously reminiscent of those Renaissance pictures you see of Jesters. And to complete the picture of a true Jester, Jester the Dog has one ear that points UP while the other ear flops DOWN. This balanced pair of opposites within the cohesive self contained unity of a sentient being speaks to us of a greater cosmic unity which . . .oh what the heck! It’s all a bit much for a Dog.

We are reminded that Dog is GOD spelt backwards. Did you hear about the dyslexic agnostic. He used to lie awake at night wondering if there was a DOG. Boom tish. With a pair of opposite ears? Boom tish again.

I have treid to explain to Jester in our quieter moments that he embodies and displays the resolution of a cosmic paradox  – namely the pairs of opposites – because after all these sit as a pair of sonar seeking salamanders on his head. As a pair of fuzzy ears. But it’s all a bit much for a dog.

The greatest philosophies of sublime and mysterious inquiry, questioning, revelation and resolution must inevitably deal with the subject of the dualistic nature of the phenomenal world. The pairs of opposites stand as a series of embedded paradoxical riddles that must be solved by all who would progress in the great master game of life. The adventuring seeker must overcome each confusing, bewitching and illusory set of opposites at each progressive level in the hierarchy of consciousness until clarity and ultimate liberation are won. Thus do the pairs of opposites propel us all along the path of spiritual evolution. But it’s all a bit much for a DOG.



5 responses

20 02 2012

So very,very allegorical.:)

20 02 2012
DR Quantum's Blog

Allegorical indeed. I’ll have you know I drank port in a clown door this morning . . .er I mean to say, I got caught in a down pour

20 02 2012
Clea Rose

Congratulations Dr. Q on your 100th post!
Pass on a kiss on the ear to Mr. Jester…XX

20 02 2012
Clea Rose

PS: re the video…love the message but the the animation is so disturbing!! 😛 ARgggg….

21 02 2012
DR Quantum's Blog

Yes I am sorry. I sensed that you would find this video disturbing. It’s too fast and flashy. It kinda makes you feel a bit ill. But it’s also short and sweet and cute. Like some people I know . . .i’ll see what else I can dig out of the vault

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