Why is There a War Against Natural Medicine?

22 02 2012

Pill Pushsing Drug Companies Want to Control Our Laws - Why?

Watch This Space

Why? This is the question we must now ask ourselves.

As Sarah Schwager asks on her post on ABC’s The Drum yesterday (21st Feb 2012)

Around 400 high profile doctors, medical researchers and scientists recently joined forces to form lobby group Friends of Science in Medicine (FSM) in order to have “alternative medicine” degrees removed from Australian universities…

She goes on to put the question:

Why is a group of prestigious doctors and scientists who have the backing of the most profitable industry in the world according to Fortune 500 – the pharmaceutical industry – targeting a few poorly-funded natural medicine courses?

Please do go to her post on The Drum and get the full story.

This post on Dr Quantum’s Blog will be updated as we follow this story. This stuff matters as they now say. Watch this space

Dr Quantum has been reading the comments made in response to the article quoted above. By any estimate the response is amazing and overwhelming. Both those for and against have weighed into the debate. As one who has a particularly low regard for the science and ethics exhibited by those medical scientists, doctors and pharmaceutical companies who continue to profit from disease and not health, who continue to treat symptoms and do very little to assist the masses of people in general achieve good health and disease prevention . . .I have to declare my strong bias in support of the article in full which was in my opinion very well written. By all means link across to the article and scroll down to the comments – they make for utterly fascinating reading. For now I will leave the last word to a Chiropractor by the name of Dr Duane,

Over 80% of medical procedures are drug prescription related. Under cross examination in a court of law James Mennell MD stated over 60% of “ALL” human ailments are (neuro) musculoskeletal in nature. As a top Educator in Ivey League Medical Schools he was then asked how much training do MDs get in these areas. His answer was zero to five hours! As a 28 plus year Doctor of Chiropractic I’ll take on All Comers related to the Science behind what I do and what the Medical profession does in debate! Our results speak for themselves and the Science Does back it up! Go to the JVSR (Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research) just for starters.

More on this as it comes to hand. . .continue to watch this space.

Dr Quantum’s follow up in this story . . .A piece in The Sydney Morning Herald dated Feb 11th 2012 – 10 days before the Sarah Schwager piece appeared on the ABC online

On February 4, for News Review’s The Question, several experts expressed their views on the topic. The story was accompanied by an online poll asking readers ”Should universities teach alternative medicine?” . . .Voting progressed steadily at first but on Tuesday votes began rising from about 125,000 to more than 877,000 by the time voting closed on Thursday. The end result was 70 per cent no, 30 per cent yes.

The number of votes in the poll was about eight times more than the number of online readers of the story, a clear indicator that the poll had been gamed. Fairfax technical staff said the poll logs all but confirmed that the voting had been manipulated. Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/health/vote-on-alternative-medicine-falls-victim-to-dark-arts-of-the-internet-20120210-1skv6.html#ixzz1nGMUWAOo



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23 02 2012
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