Earthship Inventor Captures Sustainable Audience

27 02 2012

Michael Reynolds - Legend of Sustainable Design

Earthships are coming

Michael Reynolds the legendary Earthship inventor, designer and architectural change agent extraordinaire has been presenting in Australia. It was a joyous experience to meet the legend in person and witness his presentation on EarthShips at the Maleny RSL on the weekend. EarthShips have been something of a Quantumized fascination for Yours Truly since sometime in the late 20th Century.  Online research on leading edge sustainable building design resulted in stumbling upon the Earthships warming up on the runway  getting ready for take off. It seems they have certainly been hurtling down the tarmac since then and can now be seen flying about the skies of Australia, USA, France, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Scotland and the list goes on.  Earthships are coming

A colleague recently quipped “well he’s not Corbusier”. I must say I could only agree. Correct, he’s not Corbusier . . .because he’s Michael Reynolds! True he doesn’t wear natty suits and Bow Ties. Michael Reynolds is not a Prada Spectacles wearing hipster of Urban Cool architectural Nouvea Minimalism in sleek. He’s much, much more than that. Apologies to all you Prada wearing Hipsters. I am sure you are all very nice people. No offence. Truly so.  But let’s get it straight. A mane of unkempt grey hair, stubbly beard, rugged jeans and unimposing personal style has absolutely zero bearing on what’s going on with a person on the inside. Earthships are coming

Michael Reynolds is right up there with the greatest architects of all time. In Dr Quantum’s book he is more relevant than Le Corbusier, as much a visionary as Frank Lloyd Wright, and every bit the urban hero as Denise Scott Brown.  To understand something of the importance of his contribution and the truly evolutionary nature of his form – Biotechture, there will be more about Earthships here soon. Dr Quantum is having an Earthships moment. In fact we are going to make this an Earthships Decade and plans are underway for an Earthships Century.  Now if you like the idea of radical Sustainable building you’re going to love this instant video Title: Grandma Builds an Earthship for $1.99 USD > click here.  You can see the documentary The Garbage Warrior from Amazon available at Step With Life > click here – or purchase his books about EarthShips and Biotechture at great prices > click here. Check it out. Earthships are coming

Dr Quantum has posted a number of times on the topic of EarthShips

Earthships Underpants and The Garbage Warrior. and

Earthships Dreaming – Confessions of a Technoyourt Wannabe to name just two previous posts on these pages. Earthships are coming



6 responses

24 07 2012
elizabeth shipley

I certainly enjoyed watching Garbage Warrior and hope that Michael Reynolds ideas continue to reach people most in need of affordable housing i.e. inner cities that need a complete facelift.
Many years ago, we built our food processing building using the ferrocement technique/appropriate technology method. Although it took us several years to build, using volunteer help it was a huge success.
We were visionaries in the early 70’s and continue to be so to this day.
Keep up the excellent work.
Betsy Shipley

24 07 2012
DR Quantum's Lime Flavoured Revolution

Betsy. Thanks for the report from the frontline. Yes and in fact I attended one of Michael Reynold’s presentation in Australia recently. He showed plans for a multi-story Earthship that has been designed for New York(?) Great feedback & stories Always appreciated. Make the best tempeh huh?!! I will have to have a look at that one and create a Lime Flavoured rEvolution story to draw attention to your excellent work. Many thanks

27 07 2012
elizabeth shipley

Thanks for writing back and will keep you updated on anything new on our end, it looks hopeful here for a tempeh incubator to come to fruition, this after 30 years of work!
Betsy Shipley

28 07 2012
DR Quantum's Lime Flavoured Revolution

Betsy, i have been looking at your website. It’s a great story. Are you familiar with what food gurus are now saying about the need to ferment the tempeh in a certain way for a certain amount of time? I am certainly no expert but i have had the riot act read to me about consuming raw tofu. The organic food police swear it’s a no-no. Moving forward I am certainly interested in your methods if there is a cottage industry in this method for ecovillage type enterprises.

28 07 2012
DR Quantum's Lime Flavoured Revolution

I have sent an email. Please have a look in your spam filter if not received. Would like to talk about tempeh with you

28 07 2012
elizabeth shipley

I sent you a personal email several hours ago so we can communicate that way. Betsy

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