Social Media Accelerates in Shaping The World

8 03 2012

Non-linear social processes are transforming society

The global social network revolution has definitely arrived

While you were sleeping and possibly eating sushi at the office the US Not for Profit Org Invisible Children has had 11 Million views on YouTube and nearly 2 million likes on Facebook in a 48 hour period these past few days for a short video titled Kony2012. But why? The first thing we must say is that the global social network revolution has definitely arrived.

Invisible Children has been running a campaign called Kony2012 against Joseph Kony. Kony is a Militia Leader of a scary group going by the name of The Lord’s Army.  They press children into service and force them to do many things including carrying stuff but also involving shooting at people with guns and maybe even worse. For this reason lots of people don’t like him or the rather bizarrely named The Lord’s Army . . .NOT!!!

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that perhaps The Lord’s Army were not quite the force that many had cracked them up to be. Mounoubai Madnodje, a spokesman for the UN’s Stabilisation Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUSCO), said the LRA was on its last legs. “We think right now it’s the last gasp of a dying organisation that’s still trying to make a statement,” he said. SMH March 8 2012 Last Gasp: Kony’s Cult Strikes Again

Whatever the truth about the force of Kony’s Cult the bigger and more enduring story seems to be about the rise and rise of social media. This being the case it will be truly fascinating to see where Social Media will strike next. Dr Quantum’s Blog recently made a bold prediction: It might be time for you Mega Wealthy elites to start making large donations to Greenpeace. It could help your case in the not too distant future. But don’t take my word for it just keep reading the Sydney Morning Herald and watch this space. Ahhhh YES . . .Amazing how things just keep moving forward . . . innit?  See what all the fuss is about Kony2012 in the video below – The global social network revolution has definitely arrived

Update: The viral campaign to hunt down and arrest Joseph Kony is growing at an astonishing rate – nearly 30 million more views online since yesterday afternoon – Sydney Morning Herald Friday 9th March

52,591,704 . . .Friday night around 11pm Update about 10 hours later since the 30million figure was published and the number of hits on the Kony2012 YouTube video is now 52,591,704 i will be interested to see what it did while I am sleeping – which will be Friday in the USA – Dr Quantum will keep U posted.

57,733,541 at 9.50am Saturday morning QLD Australia – that’s 5million overnight. Could the KONY2012 meme possibly be slowing? And what sort of numbers will that video be showing in a week? A month? A Year?

60,364,287 at 3.15 Saturdayafternoon QLD Australia

65,051,329 at 11.45 Saturday night QLD Australia

67,106,844 at 7.35am Sunday morning 11th March QLD Australia

72,902,379 AT 4.46pm Monday 12th March QLD Australia

77,380,694 AT 7.15pm Wednesday 14th March QLD Australia

79,784,576 AT 10.30pm Friday 16th March QLD Australia

82,731,335 at 3.07pm Monday 19th March QLD Australia

85,021,580 at 9.26am Sunday 25th March QLD Australia

85,835,079 at 7.29 pm Wednesday 28th March QLD Australia


Note to self: The global social network revolution has definitely arrived



4 responses

8 03 2012
Riki Tiki

Velley velley noice …. thanks.

8 03 2012
DR Quantum's Blog

Jeez that was quick Rick.Hope you enjoyed the Full Moon celebrations. Hari Hari

10 03 2012

Loved the Kony thing. Yes indeed the power of social media as a conduit for the expression of an emerging ‘higher consciousness’. Viva ‘the age of aquarius’!
The brighter the light ..the darker the shadow…
Here’s the shadow that is looming ever more menacingly.

This speech leaves no doubt about Israel and US intentions..
Yes folks it’s all part of the same ancient zionist/christian alliance that rules the world.
Will they succeed in fulfilling their perverted biblical predictions….they seem ‘hell bent ‘on doing so.
If ever there was a time for the people to rise up …
the clock is ticking folks.

10 03 2012
DR Quantum's Blog

Sounds a bit hysterical to Dr Quantum . . .that video was posted in Oct 2010 . . how long do you think before they attack Iran?

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