I Want to go Back to the 60s When Things Were Simpler

13 03 2012

Popular 60s TV cooking show host . . . Chef Guevara

No I am not going to uninstall Firefox and install Google Chrome so myF%&#ing CRM will work!

That’s it! I’ve had it with all this complicated technology. Today was the last straw. I have suddenly become nostalgic for a time when things were simpler and less stressfull. Suddenly the ’60s seems like a place I want to go back to. And unlike the current bunch of teens and twenty somethings. . . dammit I was there! This is the proof. Here then is a groundbreaking historical perspective of the decade that brought you the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Woodstock, flower power and Banning the Bomb. Peace & Love.

Electronic Communication Device from the 60's - it's called a wireless . . .a radio!

Classic old Holden. The Family got around in one of these. Korean Cars, Chinese Cars . . .Japanese Cars!!! Not invented yet

There were no overweight people in the '60s. Everyone pretty much looked like this

The '60s was a Golden age of Peace Love and Happiness - even corrupt politicians were free-spirited and fun and would dance in the streets at the time of the full moon and put flowers in their hair - true!

Jimi Hendrix - Folk Guitar Legend

Every '60s Family had to have a GOAT

World's first confirmed contact with extra-terrestials made by John Lennon and his good friend President Richard M Nixon

John Lennon image above by Jeff Hopp – see more of his fabulous pshychedelic art at http://jeffhopp.net/gallery1/gallery1.htm

We hope you enjoyed this brief tour of the 1960s double checked for accuracy by MediaMind Enterprises.  Section of The Beatles Yellow Submarine animated film with psychedelic art and music below



7 responses

13 03 2012

LOL – enjoyed the trip back. If only it were that simple…

13 03 2012

We had a goat! Does the 70s count? Downgraded to hens now. Not so groovy, I’m afraid.

13 03 2012
DR Quantum's Blog

Yeah I think we squeeze in the ’70s Goat and the chooks. I think an Afro hairdo and flares on the goat and something a little bit soul-hippy for the Chooks. Noice

18 03 2012

I wish i live in the 60s too. Everything was beautiful, from cars to music to fashion and art, everything.

9 05 2012
Rick Stokes

Thanks for the trip – back.

10 05 2012
DR Quantum's Lime Flavoured Revolution

I hope it was an enjoyable trip back!

28 02 2013

I’ve already started the transition. I refuse to get on Facebook, I have nothing more than a basic cell phone and even hate that, I drive a 1970 Beetle with an 8-track player, and I would throw my computer out of the window if it wasn’t required for my work. I recently bought an Oster blender made in the 1960s and it works fantastically, switched from a drip coffee maker to an old fashion percolator, dress like I did when I was a teen in the 60s, painted my house “fun” colors, and listen to nothing but the music of that time. Now, if I could only actually BE there I’d be in heaven.

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