Natural Therapies Under Attack

14 03 2012

Natural Health Care - Part of Life's Journey

National Health and Medical Research Council Considers Homeopathy Baseless and Unethical

Homeopaths are facing a fight to defend their practice in Australia after the National Health and Medical Research Council flagged it might declare their work baseless and unethical. Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 14th March

These continued attacks by the so-called medical establishment follow a now well established pattern. A few years back we saw Australia’s major natural therapies products manufacturer Pan Pharmaceuticals sent to the wall while the same was going on around the same time in Europe.

The TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) suspended Pan’s licence in March 2003 after some ingredients in its Travacalm tablets were found to be excessive. Some people suffered reactions, including hallucinations.  Gee maybe they should have been selling them in Discos.

As events unfolded it became obvious that recalling ALL of Pan’s products was way too heavy handed. But . . .too bad for a man, his company, their staff and their customers. Basically the government’s policy was . . .Fuck them. Can we imagine the TGA forcing the same punitive measures on Bayer or Pfizer say? When you’ve stopped laughing . . . Of course PAN collapsed shortly after which presumably was the intended outcome. Incredibly Pan’s CEO, the late Jim Selim actually had criminal charges laid against him. The following year Mr Selim successfully sued the government for $50 million, claiming the TGA had acted negligently and outside the limits of its statutory powers following an acquittal in the Supreme court in April 2007 which was subsequently upheld in the Appeals Court in September 2007. Source $67 Million a Pan Pharmaceuticals Pain Killer: Britt Smith, The Daily Telegraph March 26 2011

What we must take on board in amongst all this trampling of justice is that the establishment players in the medical industry and the government players who were complicit with them in this witch hunt were then and almost certainly still are convinced that they are RIGHT. Never mind that they had a $50 Million judgement against them. It is almost certainly true that in their own minds they were railroaded by judge who didn’t understand the truth – their truth. Let’s be clear, the people who run this agenda and the power they wield make them very dangerous indeed. They are a loose cannon in the social fabric of health care. There is a perfectly sane and alternative point of view that is embraced by a good many of the populous. They too believe themselves to be right. To ignore their point of view is quite simply to trample on the principles of democracy. But of course . . .it’s OK to do that if you’re RIGHT. Right? Wrong.

In religion, politics, media, health care – what we see today is the old order crumbling but they are fighting tooth and nail to retain their power. What the old dogs seem to fail to understand is that their power now lies in partnerships and synergy with the players of the new order, the incoming energies. Just quietly Dr Quantum is not holding his breath waiting for the squares to get hip. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. It’s almost too gruesome waiting and watching for the old structures to be swept away in the coming Tsunami of change. Think about this: Cheap and non-toxic cancer treatments that work, free clean energy – it’s all there staring the peeps in the face and peeps are waking up . . .if we look at what has been happening with the KONY2012 campaign by Invisible Children you can get some idea of what is about to happen. It’s scary watching the manipulators of power trying to hang on to the old ways. Anyway good luck to them. They are going to need it. Monsanto! . . .good grief it’s too painful to even contemplate. Karl Marx is gonna gitcha and he’s about 160 years old. You’re about to get beaten into a pile of dust by a museum piece. Time to wake up & smell the Fair Trade Organic Coffee.

Synergy just for the record means where the WHOLE is greater than the sum of its parts. Right now the National Health and Medical Research Council is weakening the health synergy available to the public by engaging in a rear guard action that will simply serve to polarize views and people.

 If you ever thought perhaps the medical establishment aren’t telling you everything about how they choose to fight cancer you may wish to inform yourself about the incredible story of Dr Burzynski who has come as close as any medico in history thus far to finding a safe, non-toxic cure for cancer. Oh but there are so many safe and non toxic ways of curing cancer. So why did the medical establishment in the form of the US FDA wage trench warfare against Dr Burzynski and try to ruin his reputation? And have you ever heard of a cancer patient being offered the Burzynski treatment in Australia? I haven’t.



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