A Lime Flavoured Revolution Pt 2

20 03 2012

Psychedelic Dwarf by Cru The Dwarf at Deviant Art dot com

It’s Time For a Lime Flavoured Revolution

Here are the facts as well as they can be stated without ingesting psychedelics.

The world has been hijacked by the merchant class. This may sound innocent enough. But it isn’t. It must be understood that far from being “upper-class” commercial agents . . .or merchants as they are also known are not even in the top half of society. To understand this a little better it might be valuable to refer to a culture far more ancient than the Western model – the classic Hindu social system. In the ancient Hindu system what is known as the Caste System or Varna Asram Dharma, it must be understood that as a general proposition merchants are a low lot.It is also worth comprehending in this context that the ancients had allocated the job of protecting the people from the ravages of the greedy merchant class to the warrior caste – the politicians, police and military. Well . . .we can see how the ruling political classes around the world have been corrupted by the mighty dollar. Hence the Warriors have allowed Dracula to be put in charge of the blood bank. It’s called Free Market Economics. Privatization of everything and is what is now becoming evident as Corporate Fascism.

Merchants. A low lot. And by their fruits they are now known. Ecocide, pollution, grubby materialism and the butchering of the Earth. These filthy badgers will reduce the width of toilet paper rolls by 1mm to save a few million bucks across their global operations. Think about this long and hard. Toilet paper is shrinking and it’s got nowhere to go but invisible. The more of it that shrinks the less of it there is you see. The endgame is that the merchant global elites will have us all sticking our fingers up our own bums while we tell ourselves that what we are really doing is sitting down to a five course meal at a white tablecloth restaurant. But how did it happen and what can we do about it? How it happened is waaaaay more complicated than what we can do about it. To cut a long story short we gave our power away to the merchant class in believing their lies when they said that the market is God and it knows, purely and best how to regulate all things. An epic fail if ever there was one.  Let’s just say that a Lime Flavoured Revolution is what is needed. Why Lime? Well the thing is Cherry was taken.

Let’s just put it this way . . .while no one was watching a whole army of grey skinned sociopathic lizard men crept into the supermarkets of the world under cover of darkness. They undid all the toilet paper. Unrolled all the rolls and then trimmed them by 1mm. They were helped by a gang of mechanical elves. True. See video below.They thought no one was watching, but they are wrong. Look into these pages and read the terrible truth. There are endless cases of toilet roll snipers with scissors in hand who are actively trimming the rolls – even as we speak. Have I told you about the instant coffee taxers? Did you know about the milk pilfering? The beer bubble bashers? The . . . the . . . the . . .there are so many of them. The snippers and the clippers and the pippers are out of control. It’s time we pulled them up in their tracks. Caught them red-handed. Pushed them back at the gates. Oh Hello! It’s time for a LIME Flavoured Revolution!



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