A Lime Flavoured Revolution Pt 1

20 03 2012

Celebrating The Lime Flavoured Revolution – In a Pink Caddy

Because we need a refreshing change

Why Lime? Firstly because cherry was taken and perhaps of equal valence because we need a refreshing change. And there are what might be termed marketing considerations here. Sad perhaps but happily true nevertheless. Is it really required that one must take a position? Sounds dangerous. Why not defer indefinitely? You’ll be so glad you did.

If you Google the term LIME FLAVOURED REVOLUTION you will find no pre-existing reference to Lime Flavoured Revolution on the internet. You read it here first. (even if you use the American spelling for flavoured i.e. flavored) Here’s the thing. You may find yourself giving in to despair on a bad day when you realize that, try as you might you just can’t come up with a new idea that doesn’t already exist. Try it! Three words that make sense that aren’t already on the internet. Game on. Well . . .here it is. You are witnessing the birth of something rare and marvelous that confidently demands it’s place on the electronic pathways of this hyper wired world. Something that plugs right into the Central Nervous System of hip cool humans everywhere and says . . .hey baby, let’s paaarty. Oh BEHAVE! Cum celebrate a Lime Flavoured Revolution for it is the refreshing change we need. A Lime Flavoured Revolution should also be a portal to the fabulous Sixties  – or it just isn’t a Lime Flavoured Revolution and Dr Quantum should know. Oh Hello! because we need a refreshing change

What has this got to do with the spacemen hiding in a cloud above my backyard swimming pool? More about this later . But for now we MUST ask ourselves . . .  what is a Lime Flavoured Revolution? Good question.  Well . . . first it does have a political side, for sure. The world has lurched into filthy corporate fascism – what to do? Secondly it’s a refreshing change. But right now, if you click on any of the links on this page you will not lose this page. That IS Lime Flavoured and it’s an Evolutionary Revolutionary thing to do. Dr Quantum is a radical conservative. Oh yes. And this is the evolution of the revolution. Click away and discover the universe. < THAT Link is mysteriously exciting – because we need a refreshing change

Link here for Dr Quantum’s A Lime Flavoured Revolution Pt 2

Link here for Dr Quantum’s A Lime Flavoured Revolution Pt3

Link here for Dr Quantum’s A Lime Flavoured Revolution Pt 4

Link here for Dr Quantum’s Lime Flavoured Revolution Pt 5

Gotye video enterTRAINment. Yes folks it’s enterTRAINment. Go on then . . .Pour yourself another lime flavoured beverage & groove-clickon right here with Dr Quantum’s Lime Flavoured Revolution. Because we need a refreshing change



One response

21 03 2012
Jan Buckley

Hey Simon,
Your Lime Flavoured Revolution is quite a refreshing tonic. Thanks for a bit of a laugh, it’s much needed. Cheers, Jan.

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