The Most Original Minds in Business and Why They WIN!

2 04 2012

It's a TRIP - Get on board the originality bus

Why Mavericks WIN!

How many times do you come back from that inspiring workshop ready to change the world only to be brought down to Earth when you get back to the culture of your workplace? Or you experience the exhilaration of genius and brilliant ideas in that latest book but once you close it’s magical covers you quickly realise that . . .sadly, it’s not going to happen ’round here. Well if it’s true that we cannot direct – that we can only disturb here then are some inspiringly disturbing and even some disturbingly different ideas. They come from a fabulous book: Mavericks at Work – WHY THE MOST ORIGINAL MINDS IN BUSINESS WIN by William C Taylor & Polly LaBarre. Mavericks at Work was recently picked up and quickly became infused with the classic flavour of drizzled lime on a bed of roast vegetable and cous cous. I have a funny feeling that if the revolutionary TV cooking show host of the 1960’s Chef Guevara were alive today he would approve.  It’s all about Why Mavericks WIN!

Selected Quotes from Mavericks at Work –

“Most people in an industry are blind in the same way,” Hamel warned. “They’re all paying attention to the same things, and not paying attention to the same things.”

So What’s the solution? Revolution! Hamel urged aspiring “corporate rebels” and “grey haired revolutionaries” to “start an insurrection in their industries” – on Gary Hamel author of Leading The Revolution

. . .the white collar perp walk has become as routine as an annual meeting, and the triumphant return of me-first moguls like Donald Trump feels like a bad nostalgia trip, the corporate equivalent of a hair-band reunion. We’ve seen the face of business at it’s worst, and it hasn’t been a pretty sight

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it” – Alan Kay

“One way or another, most financial companies are telling you to spend more. We’re showing you how to save more. What’s better than apple pie, the little guy, fighting for the underdog?” – Arkadi Kuhlman, CEO ING Direct USA

It is not a book of best practices. It is a book of next practices-a set of insights and case studies that amount to a business plan for the 21st century.

The logic of competition has evolved from the imitative world of products versus products to the revolutionary fervour of business model versus business model to, now, the promising realm of value system versus value system.

“If you want to renew and re-energize an industry,” he advises “Don’t hire poeple from that industry. You’ve got to untrain them and then retrain them. I’d rather hire a jazz musician, a dancer . . .” – Arkadi Kuhlman, CEO ING Direct USA

Originality has become the litmus test of strategy

“We ask ourselves, is it about something? By about something I mean not just the subject, or the arena, or the location, but really about something that is deeply relevant to the human experience” – Chris Albrecht, CEO HBO – video below HBO’s Six Feet Under



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