Healthcare – A Revolution is Coming

9 04 2012

Don Tolman predicts a Healthcare Revolution

The Ancient Greeks called this ancient meal Phi-Pi

Don Tolman says there is a revolution coming in healthcare. If you haven’t heard of Tolman he is held in very high esteem by many in the so-called alternative health industries. And once you watch Tolman interviewed by Australian Samantha Rayn Bachman it becomes obvious why. Bachman herself is no slouch. Her website Samantha Bachman dot com reveals her as: Orthopathic and Health-care Practitioner – Homotoxicologist, Orthopathic Practitioner, Nutritionist and Lifestyle  Consultant. But her interview with Don Tolman is a revelation even for Dr Quantum who takes an interest in such things.

Tolman had originally studied to be a neuro-surgeon but had seen that the medical training, business and its politics was dominated by the funding of pharmaceutical companies and in addition . . .way too elitist. He dropped out of medical school and spent the next 17 years searching for a secret formula that was considered a sacred food by the ancients and is even mentioned in the bible. It’s called Pulse. Tolman learned Latin, Greek and some Aramaic along the way, travelled millions of kilometres, often to the far reaches of the globe and devoted 17 years of his life to discovering the secret .  . all for zip.  And so after 17 years he gave up. Then one day as he tells it, he’s sitting in a salad bar in America when a very well dressed man comes in, they get talking and it turns out said man is responsible for purchasing millions of dollars worth of Antiquities for his family estate. One thing leads to another and he invites Tolman to come and help open crates whose contents have remained unseen for over a hundred years. Can you see what’s coming?

We give you this story as definitive proof for the existence of God. Either that or whoever designed the universe had some amazing schematics built into the thing. I mean hey . . .who’s to say God actually built the universe? Consider, if you were the richest person in the world and you wanted a mansion built would you built it yourself or would you get someone to build it for you? Let’s be realstik! Case closed . . .now let’s move on. Anyway . . .so that’s how Don Tolman discovered the formula for the sacred food known as pulse. By an amazing a bizarre coincidence that involved a very wealthy person, a salad bar and a collection of incredible treasures that hadn’t been unpacked for over 100 years.  Suffice to say Tolman is a very interesting, knowledgable and even fascinating individual who reeks credibility.

Toman reckons he gets a bit of opposition from the pharmaceutical Drug Lords who fund the medical schools. For while he is invited to actually teach doctors in some American schools, he threatens the profits of the drug companies. Getting specific Tolman says that in 1908 1 in 8,000 people in the USA died of cancer, but .47 years ago (1973) they spent 2 trillon dollars fighting cancer. Today the American Cancer Society is the wealthiest CHARITY on the planet. They make HUNDRED OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS and not once have they offered any explanation of what causes cancer or a cure for cancer. But the statistic is that in the present era 1 in 3 Americans die of cancer and of course the statistics are similar in all so-called developed countries.

Tolman: There’s a coming revolution, a revolution of self-care . . .in just the next one or two decades, more and more people including doctors (there will be) men and women who have intentions of honestly wanting to understand and assist in the healing arts . . .without doing harm. It is starting to become more and more obvious that,  standard allopathic procedure is doing more harm than good. In the United States it’s already a published study – the medical community kills over TWO MILLION PEOPLE  . . .and so there’s a shift coming

See part 1 of the full interview by Samantha Bachman with Don Tolman here  . . .he predicts revolution in healthcare! Original Pulse recipe below – The Ancient Greeks called this ancient meal Phi-Pi

The Original Pulse which is considered to be an all round food for health and vitality, and these mix of ingredients are present in other “flavors” as well. These ingredients are –
•    Sunflower seeds
•    Cranberry
•    Rice bran
•    Raisins
•    Dates
•    Pumpkin seeds
•    Quinoa
•    Flax seeds
•    Sesame seeds
•    Blueberry
•    Grapeseed oil
•    Figs
•    Prunes
•    Walnuts
•    Brazil nuts
•    Pecans
•    Almonds
•    Cashews
•    Beet powder
•    Sea salt
•    Peach
•    Mango
•    Cherry
•    Strawberry
•    Blackberry



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