The Geek Goddess

9 04 2012

Geek Goddess - Felicia Day with The Guild

Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?

Have you heard of Felicia Day? if the answer to that question is YES! then chances are you are under 30. You see Felicia Day has now reached critical media mass for digital online distribution. Never mind that her most popular music clip – Do You Wanna Date My Avatar? (see below) has had over 19 million hits on YouTube. Up until 10 minutes ago Dr Quantum had never heard of her. But there she is being hailed in SMH online as the web’s hottest dork.  They said this

Day, 32, is the creator and star of The Guild, an online series whose episodes have scored 150 million views since its 2007 inception. She’s won two best actress “Streamys” for her twitchy, flustered performance as gamer Cyd Sherman. In January, the Hollywood Reporter named her one of the industry’s top 50 digital power players, a list that included George Lucas and the chief executive of Twitter. Read more.

It was here that our central planning committee had agreed to draw a profound connection between the mega success of the digitally hip and beautiful such as Felicia Day and the coming Revolution which shall depose the power elites and install a classless digital society whose principal activity will be to distribute an abundance of golden troll tokens and other rich rewards for the true believers in enlightened anarchy and online democratic freedom. And so it shall! Meanwhile to celebrate Dr Quantum’s Lime Flavoured Revolution and because we may have all overdosed on Easter Egg yesterday, Dr Quantum is distributing day passes to see Felicia Day – digitally LIVE! Please feel free to enjoy the cheeky talents of Felicia Day and her posse The Guildperforming Do You Want to Date My Avatar? All legitimate complaints can be made via the comments button if you can find it.  Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?




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