The Much Sought After OBSOJLA

11 04 2012

Amit from What The Bleep

Dawkins vs Pel – The Q&A Racket

What is The Much Sought After OBSOJLA? Well it’s not being given out this week to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation – they are the blind leading the blind! Being in the God corner these days is often a challenge! Can you imagine being lumped in with the likes of Cardinal Pel? For the information of those outside Australia he is the Catholic Church’s most august representative in our fair land. And earlier this week we had the tragic Richard Dawkins dukin’ it out with Cardinal Pel on what should be an enlightening – Government sponsored – free-to-air television show, Q&A. And while Q&A is often very good indeed this time round it wasn’t enlightening. Maybe it was entertaining. There was very little here to suggest that any of the already polarized viewers – scientific and rational Athiests vs the Catholic Church faithful – were in any way challenged in their views.

The problem with putting Pel on with Dawkins is that, you see, the arguments coming from the official representative of the Catholic Church are about as likely to penetrate to the heart of truth as listening to the political leaders of our major political parties. In other words not very. And Dawkins . . . he’s a sham. At least Cardinal Pel was able to reveal the fundamentally dishonest nature of the man when Pel stated that Charles Darwin had said he was sorry that his theory of Evolution would cause men to turn away from God. Dawkins asserted that this simply isn’t true. Pel immediately retorted, It’s on page 92 of his autobiography – look it up for yourself. Touche. But alas Pel is a relic of a medieval institution that struggles for relevance in both philosophy and practice.

Dawkins on the other hand is really a snake oil salesman dressed up in drag. Not so much interested in exploring the truth as preaching his faith in the non-existence of God. A fundamental true believer if ever there was one. He travels round from town to town with his religion of science circus complete with fawning faithful followers saving souls for Satan . . .or Science . . .or something. The hacks at the ABC love to kiss his A . . .ah steady on! Yes, it’s true. The sycophantic ABC Dawkins acolytes are a great disappointment to Dr Quantum. Now had they found someone as intellectually stimulating as the marvellously expansive Amit Goswami to oppose Dawkins . . .then now we’re talking. But they didn’t. Therefore we must conclude the whole thing was a sham, a racket. Not interested in exploring the stimulating, paradoxical or novel possibilities of the God question; more interested in putting on some cheap entertainment for the crowd. That’s called a racket run by the mob.

Now over in some other place in the Universe Amit Goswami has a groove thang going called: How Quantum Activism can save civilization.I’m clicking LIKE. The very first words of chapter 1 are these: Scientific Evidence for Spirituality Is Here, So What Are You Doing about It? 

Good question. In the case of the ABC’s Q&A we have to conclude, not much.

The opening paragraph of Amit Goswami’s book reproduced below for your stimulating and disturbing ongoing personal revolution should provide some food for thought and indicate the direction of an adequate counterpoint to Dawkins concreted position.

Science has discovered spirituality: there is now a logically consistent scientific theory of God and spirituality based on quantum physics and the primacy of consciousness (the idea that consciousness, not matter, is the ground of all being). And there is replicated experimental data in support of the theory. In other words, although still largely unsung in the media, we now have a viable science of spirituality that is threatening a paradigm shift from today’s matter-based science that exclusively encourages materiality (Goswami 2008a). You can call the new science a science of God, but you don’t have to. In the new science, there is no God that is an almighty emperor doling out judgments on us; instead, there is a pervasive intelligence that is also the creative agent of consciousness that you can call God if you want to. But this God is objective; it is scientific.

Go Go Go Goswami! you get Dr Quantum’s Lime Flavoured Revolution OBSOJLA Official Big Squeeze Of Juicy Lime Award . . .yes it’s the much sought after OBSOJLA



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