Kama Sutra Lounge out of Milan

9 05 2012

Kama Sutra Lounge

Dr Quantum is writing a series of books on the Goddess Shakti and must be brief. I used to Love listening to the Cafe Solaire series that is produced out of Milan. This Kama Sutra Lounge also from Milan is similar. It’s ear candy, and easy to groove to, great to work to. Don’t slip away now . . . Hari Om.

In the meantime while you’re listening you can simultaneously read any of these previous awesome posts from Dr Quantum’s Lime Flavoured Revolution. Just click on the music and then click on the article link. Both will occur simultaneously. You could go on forever like this but it would get awfully confusing very quickly. But two’s company. Enjoy. Simple!

Healthcare – A Revolution is Coming

The Most Original Minds in Business and Why They WIN!

The Pairs of Opposites – You Must be Jesting!



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