Meditation 4 All – From Anywhere in The World

1 08 2012

Enjoy Walking The Path

Don’t Just Sit There . . .Meditate!

One of the great things about blogging is that you meet your spiritual community – if I may be so lyrical for a moment. And if you are even a tad outgoing you are likely to bump into folks who could live in the next street, or a thousand miles away. Hey . . .you even meet people who live on the other side of the world. I suppose I will never meet in person so many amazing souls who blog about all kinds of things that i like and follow. And let’s be honest, these are things I like personally. That’s how the whole thing works. I tend to be drawn towards environmentalists, activists, organic foodies, quantum philosophers, poets, nature photographers and of course spiritual adventurers.

There is a spiritual adventurer and beautiful servant of humanity who is a beacon, a veritable lighthouse over in the UK in Leicester. He has a fabulous website and blog called Meditation 4 All. What’s great about it is that you don’t have to live in Leicester or England, or the UK for that matter to get the benefits of what’s on offer. Priyesh aims to provide spiritual evolution and as he call it . . .Meditation 4 All. The name is what it is! Very Zen. There are all kinds of beautiful things to explore in this universe. Such as; children’s meditation, Awareness Meditations for breath, feelings, mind  and more. Relaxation exercises and a wonderful Earth Peace Meditation.

In these troubled times on planet Earth, meditation and directing of consciousness for inner peace, harmony, healing and transformation are both more needed than ever and more powerful than most people can possibly imagine. Spread the enlightenment thought. Go on . . .you know you want to do it. Meditate your head off – or back together – as the case may be. It’s free and it’s frowned upon by a lot of very respectable people. That is a good enough reason to give it a go I would imagine. Seems more than reasonable! Check out the I AM Meditation while you’re there.



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1 08 2012
Priyesh @ Meditation4All

Thanks Simon for writing this post. I appreciate your kind words and am inspired by the peace work you are doing. May the energy of inspiration express itself though us all, bringing peace and harmony to the whole of humanity and beyond! 🙂

2 08 2012
DR Quantum's Lime Flavoured Revolution

Blessings to you, peace, joy, love and light

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