My Favorite TEDx Talk Down at The Store

14 08 2012

This image might change

Feel Free to Drop by and Shoot The Breeze

Every now and again a friend will send me a TEDx talk and yes, they are always amazing. I have never seen a dull one.

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So i started to wonder . . . what would happen if i searched TEDx for talks, instead of waiting for people to send them to me? What would I find?  This post is now a shopwindow for My Favorite TEDx talk of the moment. And y’know what? The talk in the window will change from time to time – I’m gonna go over to the old video player and change the tape. You are most welcome to drop by the store whenever you like and see what’s playing.  Now . . .feel free to leave a comment. But for now . . .Step up and spin the wheel. (click the screen to play) And if there are any comments supporting a particular talk, then i will add the relevant link to your comment so that readers can find it after it’s been swapped out



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