America fails the TV Test

3 10 2012

Standing for . . .fascism? Ignorance? Can do better

They didn’t know Britain was involved in World War II at all

So what is wrong with America? By America I mean the United States of . . .Well, case in point. A recent piece in the Sydney Morning Herald  TV Fails the screen test for this culture (SMH 1st Oct 2012) tells that: a young Australian was previewing her World War II film Charlotte Gray in the US (in Pasadena) to a supposedly college-educated test audience. Afterwards the Warner Bros head of marketing came forward extremely shame-faced, clutching a pile of audience test cards.

He confessed most of the audience had a problem comprehending the film because there was a terrible gap. They didn’t know Britain was involved in World War II. At all.

Comprendez vous? The question that springs instantly to mind is: how could a country in which the citizenry have so thoroughly been brainwashed by their own heroic mythology, rhetoric and subsequent rewriting of history engage in any sort of meaningful way with the rest of the world? The answer is that up to date they have been doing an only so-so job at best. Most people in the world hate them. This is very hard for them to accept. Time to wake up America and smell the fair trade organic coffee. America . . .the United States of, has proved itself to be armed and dangerous certainly. They have demonstrated that they are a nation with an overabundance of obese, poverty stricken and poorly educated individuals who might have been served better by their state had their state not become the standard bearer for fascism. That is to say where Fascism equates with a merger of corporate and state power. This is fascism today. Their banks are a prime example. Look to where they have privatized the profit and socialised (bailed-out) the debt. But there are so many examples in the great nation. And it still is a great nation, but they so desperately need to grow up without nuking anyone’s ass. They’ve been there, done that.




2 responses

4 10 2012
Mr Bojangles

Boy … you keep talkin’ bout merica like that and yer gonna git cher ass nuked!

4 10 2012
DR Quantum's Lime Flavoured Revolution

Exackerly Mr Bo.

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