Celebrate Global Birth Day on December 22

9 10 2012

We are moving with the Earth – It’s a SHIFT

Celebrate the SHIFT in 21012 with the Shift Network and Global Birth Day 2012

My friend Jan sent me the link to Birth 2012. Thanks Jan. Looks totally amazing and just the sort of thing we need more of right about now. Empowered, positive future directions and possibilities. The people behind this understand that we need to be seeing the positive futures and start declaring empowered belief in letting go of the old paradigm. They are people like Neale Donald Walsch, Jack Canfield, Lyn Twist, Barbara Marx Hubbard and  . . . no less than the great Ervin Laszlo himself. Quite a coup in the realms of the New Age spruikers you can be quite sure. The presence of Laszlo just assures any who may be in doubt that this is a high quality initiative with all the right people involved. Global Birth Day 2012 – the people and their website and YOU – is going to be participating, contributing in a meaningful way to the SHIFT that is needed and that is coming.  Destined to succeed. The future is for those who embrace it. Check it out now and fly forward into the miraculous. This is an application of positive quantum consciousness There’s a few points below (from their website also linked below) on just some of the stuff you can do with this initiative. Promo video below. I am excited by this and well . . .honestly, if you have a pulse you will be too. Everything is below. See you in Heaven.

  • become a volunteer
  • get trained
  • Join the movement
  • Start a hub
  • More

Now listen. No cynicism. Just get your act together and your engaged mind over to their website. Get involved . . .get evolved. This is serious mama. And a lot of fun.



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